McLaren Special Operations 650S (2014): introducing the McBodykit

Published: 25 June 2014

McLaren Special Operations has announced a 50-strong run of bespoke 650S supercars, costing buyers either £252,500 for the coupe or £272,500 for the spider. Yep – at £58k, this is one of the most expensive bodykits going.

The first MSO 650S will make its debut at this week’s 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, with a space reserved for it inside the supercar paddock.

The standard 650S is pretty impressive, so why should I buy the MSO 650S?

The MSO 650S exists to appeal to buyers who feel the standard McLaren 650S just isn’t special enough.

MSO’s changes are purely cosmetic; Frank Stephenson, McLaren Automotive’s design director, has overseen the stylistic surgery.

The exterior is now decorated with carbonfibre embellishments, including MSO sideblades and a new carbonfibre rear bumper section, sitting above a more aggressive rear diffuser.

Only three paint finishes have been made available for the MSO 650S. Current MSO colours Papaya Spark and Agrigan Black are available as is Sarigan Quartz, a new colour for MSO described as a vibrant silver metallic with a subtle golden infusion.

Exterior styling is completed by the addition of new lightweight alloy wheels, saving 4kg on the rims you’ll find on the standard 650S.

What else is new on the MSO 650S?

Within the cockpit, the MSO 650S has been furnished with black leather and alcantara aplenty, while lacquered carbonfibre extends across the driver and passenger areas. A special signature plaque will also be present, reminding any occupants of the rarity of the car they are sat in.

The above styling tweaks will set you back £57,500 over a standard 650S, but then again you will own one of just 50 ever made.

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