McLaren breaks out the purple paint for Pebble Beach

Published: 11 August 2015

► Two unique 570S Coupes on show
► 650S Le Mans and F1 GTR also appear
► P1 and F1 up for auction

Pebble Beach, the perfect place for high-end manufacturers to lure well-heeled customers. It’s no coincidence McLaren is pushing the boat out for this year’s famous concours event in California, as it prepares to unveil two bespoke versions of its new entry-level 570S sports car.

The work of McLaren’s Special Operations division (MSO), the two 570S coupes will feature on the concept lawn at Pebble Beach to showcase the kind of individualisation programmes MSO can carry out for customers who want something a bit different. One will be finished in ‘Mauvine blue’ with a carbon black leather interior, the second will be in Ventura Orange and sprinkled with a host of MSO styling tweaks.

What else is McLaren taking to California?

The new lightweight, track-focused 675LT will appear in front of spectators at the event on 16 August – although all 500 cars have already been assigned to customers.

Alongside the 675LT will sit a limited-edition 650S Le Mans. True to its name, the MSO 650S was created as part of a 20th anniversary celebration for the F1 GTR, which took victory at Le Mans two decades ago. Just 50 will be built – again, all of which have already been sold. A 1996 F1 GTR Le Mans racer will be on show as well for good measure. 

Everything here seems to be sold already – is there a McLaren I can actually buy?

If you’re asking, the answer is yes! A McLaren P1 and the penultimate F1 from 1998 are both up for auction during the concours. We’d bet on both going for mid to high seven-figure sums.

By Matt Bell

Former digital intern at CAR