Next Mercedes AMG GT spotted testing

Published: 27 January 2022

► New AMG GT
► Twinned with the SL
► More performance and updated looks

Mercedes has begun testing the all-new version of its AMG GT supercar. Now twinned with the open-topped SL, the AMG GT differentiates itself with more performance and more aggressive looks. 

Our spy pictures show the new AMG in GT63 form – easy to spot thanks to its squared-off exhausts. And although covered in camouflage it’s possible to make out a reworked grille, sharper headlight signatures and a even slicker fastback roofline. 

CAR understands the top-of-the-line GT will be powered by the same twin-turbocharged V8 used by the SL63, though it’ll likely make more power in the GT63 than the softer convertible. It’ll also ride on a much more aggressive suspension than the SL; after all, the GT is about supercar performance and the SL is more geared around rapid touring. 

Inside, expect two seats rather than the SL’s 2+2 configuration. 

We’ll update this article when we know more. 

AMG GT R Pro: new GT racing-inspired range-topper

Headline act for the current AMG GT range is the limited-edition Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro (pictured below).

The new Mercedes-AMG GT R Pro

AMG claims lessons learned in its GT3 and GT4 racing exploits have been directly applied to its raciest grand tourer yet, with a built-in rollcage, racing-style coil-over springs and adjustable dampers and an evil looking aero kit, diveplane flicks and all.

A road-legal GT racer that can lap the Nurburgring in almost seven minutes flat (AMG factory driver Maro Engel recorded a 7min04sec lap in November in a disguised GT R Pro), it’s one of the least practical cars on display at LA but the most alluring if you have a one-track mind.

What else is new?

Redesigned LED headlights, with more distinctive daytime running lights that double up as indicators, set against a darker background. Likewise the tail-lights appear deeper-set against a newly darkened background.

Sentient stability control: a new AMG Dynamics control mode for the ESP system is claimed to be able to predict what the car will do before the driver does, and has a sliding scale (no pun intended) of assistance levels from Basic through Advanced and Pro to Master, best left for circuit use.

The facelifted Mercedes-AMG GT

If you do fancy a track day, the new AMG Track Pace function within the multimedia system can record telemetry from a set of race circuits around the world so you can analyse a raft of data from each lap.

AMG GT, GT S, GT C and GT R: how to spot the difference

The entry AMG GT model has round twin exhaust outlets, and the AMG GT S and GT C have twin trapeze-shaped outlets. All three core AMG GT models have been given a new rear diffuser apron.

The hardcore AMG GT R has a cavernous central exhaust outlet, with two further round exhaust exits either side.