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Mercedes is working on an electric baby G-Wagen

Published: 04 September 2023 Updated: 04 September 2023

► Teased at the CLA Concept Class event yesterday
► All-electric G-Wagen
► Will use existing platform tech where possible

Mercedes is launching a new baby G-Wagen, and it’s going to be fully electric. The existence of the new car was teased after the unveil of the electric Concept CLA Class, and it’ll be key in the brand’s new electrified, premium focus.

As you’d expect, details are thin on the ground, but today at the 2023 IAA Munich motor show, Mercedes-Benz chief technical officer Markus Schafer shed a little more light on the new car. 

Building the brand 

Mercedes is refocusing its efforts on cutting-edge tech and brand-building, and a new version of its iconic G-Wagon hits both of those targets. It won’t be the first electric G of course, the full-size EQG (pictured above) is almost certainly going to be released sooner.

‘You know the current G is an icon for 40 years now. If this car was shown anywhere in the world, everybody knows it,’ said Schafer on the current G-Class. ‘So it works for 40 years, which is very, very unusual.’ 

Schafer continued: ‘Why not have a larger family of G? AMG started small. Maybach as well started also very small. We think we can get much more out of G, and so the next thing is the little G.’

Any tech info? 

All we can say for sure right now is that Schafer confirmed the new baby G will be all electric and based as far as possible existing Mercedes technology.

‘We’re using the modules of that we have,’ Schafer explained, referring specifically to E-motors and battery chemistry. ‘But some parts will be very unique, because it’s going to be a really unique car.’

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes