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New Mercedes E-Class is a mini-me S

Published: 25 April 2023 Updated: 25 April 2023

► New-generation E-Class arrives
► Long-range PHEV versions, MBUX ‘Superscreen’
► On sale in the summer of 2023

Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its latest E-Class executive saloon, promising a new generation of technology and a more efficient engine range.

As always, Mercedes has crammed in more of everything to ensure its latest E is as close to its bigger S-Class sibling as possible. The new E-Class saloon will launch in the summer of 2023 in Europe.

New Mercedes E-Class front

The E-Class lives on!

Yes – in a world where almost all brands are going electric right now, Mercedes’ stalwart E-Class remains. But that makes sense in this part of the market for now; BMW’s preparing an all-electric i5 but it, too, will keep a combustion-powered 5-series in production for a new generation set to launch later in 2023. Ditto Audi, which will reveal its new A6 soon, with an e-Tron model to sit alongside. The E-Class already has its electric parallel: the very good EQE.

New Mercedes E-Class rear

So, Mercedes has decided to design its latest E to fit more closely with its EQ electric models. The shape is super aerodynamic – almost expected of Mercedes these days – and the E’s long bonnet remains. Across Europe, two grille designs are offered (either ‘progressive’ or ‘classic’) depending on what spec you get, and some smaller design details include new wheel and headlight designs, and some interesting graphics in the rear lights clusters.

I’m assuming it’s an absolute tech fest?

Wouldn’t be a Merc if it wasn’t, right? The new E-Class looks dramatically different inside compared to its predecessor, with its party piece being the MBUX Superscreen – and, if you were thinking it was like the EQS’s Hyperscreen, only smaller, then you’d be right. The single-panel display houses the central infotainment screen and a separate passenger display.

New Mercedes E-Class Superscreen

The screens also house a new generation of the brand’s MBUX infotainment system, with connectivity and entertainment while on board taking a major step forward. The system can take on third-party apps, with Mercedes saying social media services like TikTok can be used, multimedia via the Zync service can be enjoyed, and you can even take Zoom meetings with a selfie camera inside. The brand says some of these apps can be used by the passengers while moving, with image filtering technology stopping the app or game from distracting the driver.

New Mercedes E-Class interior

Elsewhere, Mercedes says the new E-Class can be had with active ambient lighting that reacts to media and actions inside the car – like visualising music – and the yogi-like set of ‘Energising Comfort’ programs has been expanded. AI also has a bigger part in MBUX’s experience, as it learns from your habits and routines to suggest routes or automatically switch heated things on when it’s cold.

Got any engine specs for me?

Absolutely. In Europe, the E-Class launches with four power variants. 

The range starts with the E200 petrol, a mild hybrid 2.0-litre engine developing 202bhp. Then there’s the perennial E220d (available with all-wheel drive), which comes with a 2.0-litre diesel engine making 195bhp.

Then there are the plug-in hybrid options: an E300e and an E400e. All-wheel drive is optionally available on the E300e, standard on the E400e. And, most crucially, the new E-Class’ PHEVs are capable of more than 60 miles on a single charge without the engine stirring, making them some of the most long-legged PHEVs on the market.

As standard, the E-Class has a stock steel suspension setup with adaptive damping, but it can be had with air springs and rear-wheel steering which is available as an option.

New Mercedes E-Class

When can I get a new E-Class?

Prices and UK versions haven’t yet been confirmed, but Mercedes-Benz says the new E-Class will launch in the summer of 2023.

By Luke Wilkinson

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