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Mercedes-Benz EQC 4x4² will give the G-Class a run for its money

Published: 15 October 2020

► The EQC 4×4² is around 200mm higher than the standard ECQ
► More ground clearance and fording depth than G-Class
► This is the third Mercedes-Benz 4×4² model

Mercedes-Benz has given its ECQ electric SUV a serious off-road conversion to prove that its EV tech can travel well beyond the road network.

mercedes-benz EQC 4X42

The EQC 4×4² looks like an EQC 400 with fatter and chunkier 285/50 R 20 rubber draped by black wheel arches. 

But there is a series of advanced technical enhancements beneath its facade to make a formidable off-roader, including multi-link portal axles for ground clearance up to 292mm, which is 140mm more than a standard ECQ and 58mm more than the formidable G-Class.

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As well as being able to negotiate rough terrain, the EQC 4×4² has a 400mm fording depth (150mm more than ECQ) that allows it to get its feet and knees wet.

mercedes-benz EQC 4X42 PORTAL AXLE

The bodywork has also been redesigned, allowing for 31.8- and 33-degree approach and departure angles that are steeper than the G-Class’s and about 20 degrees steeper than the EQC 400.

Just like the normal car, the EQC 4×4² technology concept makes its own external sound, in lieu of engine noise (Acoustic Vehicle Alert System, AVAS), to alert pedestrians and animals of its presence. 

mercedes-benz EQC 4X42

It’s a more powerful din, however, with the headlights actually doubling as external speakers – Benz calls them Lampspeakers – to convey a combination of tones generated by the real-time position of the accelerator, the SUV’s speed, and its energy recovery rate.

On top of all that the EQC 4×4² comes with the benefits of electrification including more precise traction control and torque adjustment to all four wheels, and better braking control on loose surfaces. 

Then there’s the fact you can quietly sneak out of campsites early in the morning without disturbing fellow campers.

mercedes-benz EQC 4X42

Off-road performance details, including battery range, haven’t been revealed.

The EQC 4×4² was developed by a cross-departmental team under development engineer Jürgen Eberle with an aim to show how enjoyable sustainable mobility can be.

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Unfortunately, this third model of Benz’s 4×4² family is just a ‘drivable study’, much like the E 400 All-Terrain 4×4² before it, and won’t be joining the G500 4×4² in series production.