New Mercedes EQS SUV does exactly what it says on the tin

Published: 19 April 2022

► First details of new Merc EQS SUV
► Three versions announced
► Seven seats, offroad mode and rear-steer

Mercedes has pulled the covers off the new EQS SUV – a new electric luxury SUV designed as a spin-off variant of the EQS exec. If you can predict all of the details about the new electric SUV, we wouldn’t be surprised – ‘an EQS but taller’ is the gist of it really. It’s 200mm taller than the standard EQS, in fact, with a tweaked design and more seats.

Even so, there are a few neat details about Merc’s biggest EV yet that you might know about, so read on for more.

Come on then, give us the clever details first 

Well, given it’s an SUV, you’d think that all of the versions are all-wheel drive – not so. Three powertrain versions have been announced: EQS 450+, 450 4Matic and 580 4Matic. It’s not known yet which variants will make it to the UK, but the 450+ version claims up to 410 miles on a single charge. Both the 4Matic ones claim up to 380 miles, and every version is capable of 200kW fast charging.

There’s an ‘offroad’ driving mode which shuffles power around each wheel much more responsively, limits throttle power and raises the suspension by 25mm. Like the EQS, it also comes with rear-wheel steering.

And, it’s a seven seater. The EQS SUV has a smaller footprint than the GLS SUV but, given the electric platform, packaging means Merc can still get seven inside, in comfort.

There has to be more than that…

Well, it’s still a Mercedes EQ model. So, along with its slippery aero and design, the interior is still suitably plush. You can spec a Hyperscreen infotainment panel should you desire and, even if you don’t, Merc’s My MBUX system is filled with biometric security ridden, AI-predicting, massage-inducing, augmented-reality navigating tech bundled together.

Merc’s EQS SUV will arrive later in 2022, and we expect the price tag to start from around £120k when it arrives in the UK.

By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches