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2024 Mercedes EQS - I will drive 500 miles

Published: 10 April 2024 Updated: 11 April 2024

► Mercedes EQS updated for 2024
► Bigger battery, 500+ mile range
► More comfort for rear passengers

The Mercedes EQS is one of the longest range EVs on sale, yet a raft of updates for 2024 has pushed its maximum to a diesel-like 510 miles. It’s not the first time Mercedes has tinkered with its biggest electric saloon with constant updates throughout its life so far, but this is the biggest update to date.

Where’s the extra range coming from?

New cells increase the battery capacity from 108.4kWh to 118kWh in the same size pack, and there’s stronger regenerative brakes that recover more energy as you slow down. To help prevent your discs going all crusty with all that regen action, the EQS will occasionally use a bit of friction braking instead. You’ll need to wait for a future over the air update for that, though.

2024 Mercedes EQS with writer and engineer.

The final boost to efficiency is a heat pump that’s now standard on all models. It doesn’t improve the maximum range in perfect conditions, but it’s a much more efficient way of heating the cabin in winter, boosting your miles per kWh. Other additional equipment includes Mercedes’ triple display Hyperscreen becoming standard on all models, although personal experience suggests that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Anything else new inside?

More welcome are improvements to the rear seats. Despite being touted as Mercedes’ ultimate EV, the standard rear seats always felt a bit too upright leaving tall individuals with little headroom. Now even the standard rear bench can be set to a recline of between 27 and 36 degrees.

2024 Mercedes EQS rear interior.

The Rear Comfort Package Plus can go a little better at 38 degrees, and there’s a new slanted footrest on the passenger side. Combined with the ability to wind the front passenger seat forwards, and the optional neck and shoulder heating, rear passengers will feel like they’re flying first class and not economy.

Fresh new tech?

The driver even gets a bit more autopilot in the shape of automatic lane changing on dual carriageways and motorways. You don’t have to touch an indicator or glance at a mirror, the car just moves past slower moving traffic as soon as it can. Whether it’ll be enabled in the UK remains to be seen, though.

2024 Mercedes EQS static front

Opt for 4Matic and you’ll get a large boost in towing capacity from 750kg to 1700kg in line with the EQS SUV. Expect the range to tumble, especially if you’re near the limit of what it’s capable of.

Does it look different outside?

Perhaps the most noticeable change, at least externally, is the option of a new ‘radiator’ trim in chrome. Aping older and less brash models, it also gets an upright three-pointed star on the bonnet. If recent model range changes are anything to go by, expect to see it on a ‘Business Class’ luxury focussed model.

The 2024 Mercedes EQS goes on sale from 25th April with basic prices remaining unchanged.

By Alan Taylor-Jones

New cars editor, seasoned road tester and automotive encyclopaedia.