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190E Evo II reborn: Mercedes' DTM legend returns as £740k restomod

Published: 09 January 2024 Updated: 10 January 2024

► Inspired by Merc 190E 2.5-16 Evo II
► Restomod that’s full of modern tech
► HWA says it’s limited to just 100 units

Fancy a no-expense-spared ‘90s motorsport tribute? Meet the new HWA EVO – a husky, clench-fisted homage to the iconic Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evo II DTM racer.

The HWA EVO carries every ounce of brawn as its forebear but, like all good restomods, comes laden with contemporary tech to bring it up to date.

Think Vinnie Jones in a pair of Nike Alphaflys – a revised, no-nonsense brawler based on a W201 series Merc that combines the spirit of the past with technology of today (and tomorrow).

Exact technical specifications are yet to be revealed, but we do know that the reimagined EVO will be much wider than the original car it’s based on. Production is limited to 100 units and deliveries are expected to start at the end of 2025. Yours for €714,000 plus VAT (call it £738k, all in).


‘Thanks to our company’s long tradition, we see the HWA EVO as a flagship project into which we can incorporate all our experience and know-how,’ Martin Marx said, CEO of HWA AG.

‘This further milestone is a demonstration of our capabilities and raises the bar to a new level so that we are optimally prepared for future tasks.’

What is HWA?

HWA is a German engineering and racing-specialist firm with deep ties to AMG and the motorsport wing of Mercedes-Benz.


The company name is an initialism of its founder, Hans-Werner Aufrecht, who started HWA in Affalterbach, Germany, as a managing team for Mercedes’ motorsport interests in 1999.

Affalterbach has been the hometown of engine specialists AMG since 1976, a company also founded by Aufrecht in 1967.  

Why the EVO now?

The EVO was drawn up to celebrate HWA’s 25th birthday and many years of success with Mercedes-AMG. In collaboration with the auto restoration group Curated, the EVO pays tribute to a lauded classic with which Mercedes-AMG enjoyed many DTM victories in the 1990s and a championship win with Klaus Ludwig at the wheel in 1992.


‘The EVO II was a design icon of the early 1990s and set benchmarks in terms of style. Our idea was to reinterpret this design,’ Hans-Werner Aufrecht added.

‘With Curated, we wanted a partner at our side for this project who knows the market for such cars inside out and believes in the HWA EVO. I think we are creating the best conditions for the HWA EVO to be successful.’

By Seth Walton

Staff writer at CAR and our sister website Parkers, specialising in ownership and car advice