MG Cyberster concept: an MG B descendant with electric power

Published: 11 May 2020

► New electric MG roadster revealed
► Brings the MG B into the 21st century
► It's going to influence future MGs too 

MG has revealed a new concept that uses electric power in an open-top sports car, harking back to the brand’s sports car roots. Called the MG Cyberster, the new car only exists in a series of official sketches for now and was created by China's SAIC design department. It looks a bit like an updated, synthwave version of the classic MG B. The clue’s in the name: it’s a Cyber Roadster, or an MG B-EV, as it were. 

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Featuring a long, low swooping bonnet - thanks to its EV powertrain - and rounded, retro lights, it’s clearly supposed to be a distant cousin of the original MGB, and it even features supercar-style nacelles behind the passengers.

At the rear, the concept seems to eschew the classic finned lights of the original model, and replaces them with a lightbar array, seemingly lifted straight off the Polestar Precept concept. There appears to be a hint of Union Jack LED details like on the Mini hatchback at the rear, too. 

Will the MG Cyberster be a real car one day? In a challenging development climate which has seen the delay of the Tesla Roadster and the cancellation of the next BMW i8, it’s hard to say.

MG has become an unlikely contender in the EV marketplace, with its affordable crossover, so it's possible an EV roadster could work as a halo car to get people to notice the Chinese-owned brand. 

The company has also suggested the Cyberster’s styling points to the look of its future models.

We'll update this story when we have more details on the new electric MG sports car plans... 

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast