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Mini Clubman City revealed for fleet buyers

Published: 01 August 2018

► New Mini Clubman City
► Designed for fleet buyers
► Plus full Clubman lowdown

Mini has added a new model to the Clubman range in order to better appeal to the UK fleet market. The Clubman City has been ‘developed specifically for the corporate market,’ the company admits - you're looking at a Mini mile-muncher.

So what do you get? Well, Mini has thrown in some ‘essential’ company car driver kit including sat-nav, rear parking sensors, air-con and Apple CarPlay. In order to keep your BiK rates down, the Clubman City is available with either the Cooper’s 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine or a 1.5-litre three-pot diesel, with the latter claiming 109g/km under the new WLTP cycle. All Minis and BMWs now conform to WLTP.

Want one? It can be yours from £19,995 for the manual gearbox-equipped petrol.

Mini Clubman: the full specs

The Mini Clubman made its public debut at the Frankfurt motor show in 2015 - and the big news was the Mini estate kept the 'barn-door,' van-spec split tailgate but added full-size rear side doors.

It’s very much in keeping with the 2014 Mini Clubman concept, which trailed the new look. The twin-wipered rear doors dominate the styling, with huge, thick chromed handles and this time the vast, over-sized rear lights are integrated into the tailgate, opening with the doors rather than staying on the car body. And if they look heavy, fret not; there's a waggle-foot-under-bumper function that opens them automatically, and you can operate them from the keyfob too.

Mini Clubman in detail

Mini responded to complaints that the asymmetrically-doored predecessor wasn't practical enough. With a solitary rear door on the right-hand side, the first modern Clubman spat out second-row passengers - typically children! - on to the road in right-hand drive Britain, its home market.

Hence the addition of an extra rear door, but now both are conventionally hinged; the suicide-hinged complexity has been binned in the name of cost-saving.

Mini CLubman rear doo

And just look at how much bigger the new Clubman is: it's a huge 270mm longer and 73mm wider than the already-big Mini five-door hatchback, and there's an extra 100mm between the axles. Make no mistake: this is now bordering on a Golf Estate sized competitor - at 4253mm long, it's only slightly shorter.

Mini claims a 360-litre boot capacity, jumping to 1250 litres with the rear seats folded (a process you can do by tugging a lever in the boot). There's also a hidden load area beneath the boot floor for storing valuables.

The engineering specs

No great surprises under the bonnet. This car is based again on the latest BMW/Mini front-wheel drive architecture, with the same engines available as elsewhere in the Mini range:

  • Mini Cooper Clubman 1.5 3cyl, 134bhp/162lb ft, 9.1sec 0-62mph, 127mph, 55.4mpg, 118g/km CO2
  • Mini Cooper D Clubman 2.0 4cyl, 148bhp/243lb ft, 8.6sec 0-62mph, 132mph, 68.9mpg, 109g/km CO2
  • Mini Cooper S Clubman 2.0 4cyl, 189bhp/207lb ft, 7.2sec 0-62mph, 142mph, 45.6mpg, 144g/km CO2

Elsewhere, a smattering of typical group tech: a head-up display is offered and a double-length sunroof should make the interior bright and airy.

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