AR Motorsport gives Morgan Plus 4 a few extra horses

Published: 28 July 2015

► Most powerful Morgan Plus 4 to date
► Special edition limited to 50 models
► Celebrates 65 years of Plus 4 production

What happens when you give a team of race technicians the task of creating a Morgan Plus 4 to celebrate 65 years of production? You get the most powerful model to date, the Morgan AR Plus 4.

Revealed at the weekend's Silverstone Classic 2015, just 50 models will be made, each with significant power gains over the standard Plus 4. Prices start at £54,995.

What has AR done to the Morgan Plus 4?

Morgan asked AR to create a special Plus 4 which retained usability, but boosted the power output for extra performance. Result? The 2.0-litre Cosworth engine now produces 225bhp and AR has fitted a new suspension set-up with adjustable shock absorbers, a new braking system and tweaked gearing to sharpen the drive. 

So it’s now a stripped-out track car?

According to Morgan, no. Whilst the doors ditch all luxuries to retain a lightweight look of aluminium, soundproofing has been added to the hood and body to lower wind and road noise. To counter the heavier soundproofing, AR Motorsport has replaced a number of steel parts with aluminium panels, including the bulkhead, valances and floor. Click here to read more Morgan reviews.

By Matt Bell

Former digital intern at CAR