Nissan Juke (2010): the full first official news, photos

Published: 10 February 2010

One of the surprises of the year: Nissan today slid the covers off the new 2010 Juke crossover – and it's one radical-looking mini 4x4. Even Nissan officials call it 'challenging' and its postmodern face is one that's bound to spark controversy on message boards around the world wide web.

The new B-segment Nissan Juke takes its cues from the Qazana concept car, with a dash more realistic production details. There are six – count 'em – front lights, a very busy grille section mixing cheesegrater quadrants with pencil sharpener holes, and some voluptuous bodywork further back, whose flowing, exaggerated wheelarches lead the eye to a squat rear end.

CAR editor Phil McNamara has pored all over the new Nissan Juke and concluded it was 'egg and bacon flavoured ice cream' to the bigger Qashqai's 'blander vanilla'. Read his full analysis of the Juke in the next March 2010 issue of CAR Magazine out on 17 February.

Who's going to buy the Nissan Juke?

That'll be young urbanites, says Nissan. Just the sort to be persuaded by the edgy, London-designed look and bold details. And the modest accommodation shouldn't deter young, child-free couples: the Juke packs in 251 litres of bootspace, although that expands if you fold the rear seats.

Bearing in mind its city destiny, it's no surprise that most Jukes will be front-drive. Pick a higher-power model and you can add 4wd capability. There are three engines:

115bhp 1.6 petrol
187bhp 1.6 petrol turbo
109bhp 1.5 diesel

Torque vectoring systems will brake spinning wheels and send drive to the outer tyre to improve cornering dynamics.

When can I buy the Juke?

Expect Nissan Juke prices from around £13,000 when first deliveries start in October 2010. European examples will be built exclusively at the UK's Sunderland plant, which is ditching Micra production in favour of the Juke; expect production to hit around 20,000 annually once it's fully on stream.

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By Tim Pollard

Editorial director of CAR's digital publishing arm. Motoring news magnet