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Peugeot Exalt concept (2014) updated for Paris motor show

Published: 05 September 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Peugeot has updated its Exalt concept car for the 2014 Paris motor show. Compared to the version that appeared at the Beijing motor show in April, the revised Peugeot Exalt features a new colour scheme, new materials – and an electric scooter in the boot.

To recap, the Exalt is a large saloon that follows on from the Onyx concept of 2012. It’s powered by a hybrid powertrain that combines the 267hp 1.6 THP turbo petrol from the RCZ R with a 50kW electric motor to give a total power output of 335hp. As with other Peugeot hybrids, the Exalt is four-wheel drive.

What’s new about the Peugeot Exalt concept for Paris 2014, then?

As before most of the outside is finished in bare steel, but at the rear the replica ‘shark skin’ material that was red is now grey – reducing the primate’s backside appearance (as we previously put it).  The metal is supposed to represent the pared-back nature of the design, while the cod shark skin (sorry) is said to be highly aerodynamic, helping to reduce drag.

On the inside the Ebony wood from the Chinese debut has been replaced by a new version of the ‘Newspaper Wood’ from the Onyx. Made from compressed recycled newspaper, this eco-friendly material has been sourced from financial papers this time, giving it a slightly sickly salmon pink hue.

Other unusual interior materials include wool-based ‘chiné’ fabric on the doors, headlining and dashboard, 3D-printed speaker grilles and basalt fibre employed as a natural alternative to carbonfibre for the sills, smelted from basalt stone. The leather on the seats is chemical free, and embraces flaws for their uniqueness rather than increasing waste in the process of avoiding them.

What about this boot-bound scooter?

The biggest surprise for the Exalt’s Paris reprise is in the boot, however. Pop the tailgate, which uses an unusual ‘pantograph’ mechanism to maximise the opening without requiring lots of external space, wait for the electrically operated ‘hobby flap’ to unfold, and beneath the luggage bay’s floor you’ll find a fold-up electric scooter, called the HYbrid-kick.

Unfortunately, Peugeot hasn’t unloaded any pictures of this yet.

Any other unusual tech secrets on the Exalt?

Peugeot is very keen on its i-Cockpit interior design still, present in the Exalt’s small steering wheel and high-set digital instruments. A pair of touchscreens fold out of the dashboard to take care of infotainment needs, while the ‘Pure Blue’ air conditioning system releases anti-bacterial agents whenever the car is parked to keep the cabin germ free. Right.

Less far-fetched are the seven driver-programmable toggle switches for secondary controls, positioned either side of the steering wheel to give single button access to key functions. Amongst these is the black light illumination option for the headlights, providing increased visibility of white lines and other road markings at dawn or dusk.

By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Digital Automotive Hub and former Associate Editor of CAR. Road tester, organiser, reporter and professional enthusiast, putting the driver first