Pininfarina Air Flow helmet unveiled

Published: 11 November 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

This is Pinifarina’s Air Flow, a special helmet created by the famed Italian design house for luxury lid manufacturer Newmax, and the star attraction on its stand at the Milan International Motorcycle Exhibition.

Pininfarina? Remind me what they do again?

Pininfarina is the same company that has penned the Ferrari 458 Italia and Maserati Granturismo. But while Pininfarina itself remains an automotive design company, its Extra Pininfarina arm has branched out into other projects, recently designing Coca-Cola drinks machines and the interior of Juventus’s new stadium.

As for the helmet, it should keep the most hot-headed Latins cool and sweat free, thanks to a style that Pininfarina says ‘defies the wind’.

The exterior of the Air Flow is actually a waterproof fabric, and it follows the bumps and curves of the hard shell beneath to help keep the shape aerodynamic. The shell itself is pierced at the back and sides to create ‘flow intakes’ that allow air to circulate inside the helmet and moisture to escape.

Pininfarina also says it’s identified the most suitable ergonomic points to make contact with the human skull, so the internal pads that hold the helmet in place shouldn’t create hot points on the skin, but will hopefully remain comfortable after a few hours posing.

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