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Porsche 935: Moby Dick homage to get classic racing liveries

Published: 09 May 2019 Updated: 16 May 2019

► Based on the classic ‘Moby Dick’ 935/70 Longtail
► Only 77 will be made
► A GT2 RS in wolf’s clothing

Last year Porsche revealed the new 935, a modern take on the 935/78 ‘Moby Dick,’ with GT2 RS running gear. And now it’s revealed the colours you’ll be able to get it in.

In an announcement today, Stuttgart has revealed a range of liveries customers will be able to pick for their 935, and as you’d expect, they hark back to some of Porsche’s most iconic racers of the 70 and 80s.

You’ll find Gulf Blue, Momo, Salzburg red, Vaillant (my personal favourite), SACHS, JPS, and Interscope on the list, and we’re adding pictures of them all in the gallery above. 

Moby Dick Jr goes testing

The super-limited Porsche 935 may have been revealed last week, but new footage suggests Porsche hasn’t quite finished fine-tuning its new creation. Despite being based on the already impressive 911 GT2 RS, videos have appeared showing the new 935 testing at Monza – and its turbocharged flat-six sounds exactly as you’d expect, too. We’ve used a video from 19Bozzy92.

The model in the picture looks like a mule to us, and trades in the classic Martini livery for some matte-black paint, or unfinished carbon-fibre. If we had the money, and the place on the waiting list, we’d probably spec our 935 in a similar style: It’s very Tim Burton Batman-esque isn’t it?

Watch it around Autodromo Nazionale Monza below, and keep reading for everything else you need to know about Porsche’s 935/78 Moby Dick homage.

Porsche 935: everything you need to know about the new ‘Moby Dick’

Porsche has revealed a super-limited racing car,  homage to one of its most famous challengers ever; the 935/78 ‘Moby Dick.’ The new 935 was unveiled at this year’s Rennsport Reunion in Laguna Seca, California and will be limited to just 77 units. 

Porsche says each car will cost €701,948 plus country-specific VAT, and that works out to £749,000 in the UK – including VAT. Deliveries will start in June of next year. 

‘This spectacular car is a birthday present from Porsche Motorsport to fans all over the world,” says Dr Frank-Steffen Walliser, vice president motorsport and GT Cars. ‘Because the car isn’t homologated, engineers and designers didn’t have to follow the usual rules and thus had freedom in the development.’

Racing pedigree

The new car is based on a 911 GT2 RS underneath, and although most of the panels have been replaced with carbon-fibre, you can still make out the GT2 RS DNA underneath. Look closely at those front air-intakes, for example.

Porsche’s 911 range decoded

The most 935 part of the car, however, has to be the huge streamlined rear, and swooping aerodynamic fairings. Designed to echo those of the classic racer, the new rear fairings stretch the car out to a length of 4870mm and cover the back-end of the car – just like the original Moby Dick. It’s now 2030mm wide, too.

Alongside dish-like wheel rims, the 935 also borrows rear-wing-mounted LED lights from the 919 Hybrid LMP1 race car, side mirrors from the current Le Mans-winnng,  mid-engined 911 RSR – and titanium exhaust tips based on a 1968 Porsche 908.

It’s all wrapped in a modernised version of the classic Martini colours of the original car, too.

Is it as ridiculous inside?

Inside, the 935 continues to mix and match from Porsche’s storied motorsport past. A wooden gear knob echoes that in the 917, 909 and Carrera GT, while the carbon-steering and digital display are a little more recent; they’ve been pinched from the 2019 GT3 R. Of course you’ll also find a bucket seat, roll cage and six-point harness, inside, too.

Interestingly, air-conditioning is standard, but a passenger seat is not.

What about the performance, though? 

The 935 shares the same engine and running gear as the current 911 GT2 RS, so you’ll find a 3.8-litre flat-six twin-turbo under the hood. Porsche says the 690bhp unit is largely identical to the one found in the ‘standard’ GT2 RS, and it’s also mated to a seven-speed PDK like the current turbocharged range-topper.

Stopping is taken care of on the front axle provided by six-piston aluminium monobloc racing callipers and 380mm steel brake discs. At the rear, four-piston callipers and 355mm discs take care of decceleration.

The whole thing will weigh 1380kg and come with PSM to handle that ridiculous power-to-weight ratio.

By Curtis Moldrich

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