New Porsche Macan: here comes the Turbo

Published: 28 August 2019

► New 2019 Porsche Macan Turbo
► Huge 11-inch touchscreen
► More like 911 inside and out 

Meet the new Porsche Macan Turbo, a compact SUV that’ll hit 62mph from a standstill in just 4.3 seconds. Stuttgart’s range-topping Macan uses a 2.9-litre, six-cylinder, twin-turbocharged block capable of 440PS and a top speed of 167mph.

Engineers have placed the turbos inside the vee for more efficient packaging, and that, combined with a revised exhaust manifold means this powertrain puts out an additional 40PS compared to the previous 3.6-litre engine. It’ll also produce 550Nm of torque.

Anything else?

This is a Turbo, so although it riffs off the updated Macan body (shown below) expect a more aggressive front apron and a double wing at the rear. You get LED headlights as standard, and this Macan rolls on its own special 20-inch wheels. Side skirts and sporty mirrors are finished in body colour, and this Macan will sound gruffer too, thanks to a sports exhaust system – fitted as standard.

It’ll cost £68,530. Keep reading for more on the standard Macan.

The new 2019 Porsche Macan

As you’d expect from Stuttgart, the design of the facelifted Porsche Macan represents a ‘light tidy-up’ more than a sweeping redesign.

The overall look of the car is pretty similar, though Porsche says it’s carried over elements of the 911 and 918 design to make the Macan look a little sportier. We'd say it's a pretty modest refresh.

With that in mind, you’ll find LED headlights as standard, and at the rear the new model retains the three-dimensional LED light strip that’s becoming a hallmark of the current Macan. As expected, all lights use the four-point design we’re seeing sweep through the company’s road and race cars.

The specs of the basic Macan is as follows, in this post-diesel age:

Macan engine 2.0-litre turbo four, 242bhp and 273lb ft
Transmission Seven-speed PDK twin-clutch, AWD 
0-62mph 6.7 seconds
Top speed 139mph 
Average fuel consumption 34.9mpg
CO2 185g/km 

By changing the placement of the air intakes, Porsche has made the front of the Macan look wider than before, helping to give it a squatter, sportier look.

It’ll come in four new colours, too: Miami Blue, Mamba Green Metallic, Dolomite Silver Metallic and Crayon. Suitably silly paint names? Check...

Finally, 20- and 21-inch wheels are now on offer, to lend that gangster swagger.

And inside the cabin of the facelifted Porsche Macan?

The interior of the Macan sees a similar amount of change, with new styling updates designed to bring the car slightly closer to Porsche’s halo 911 sports car range.

An optional GT sports steering wheel is the most obvious nod to Stuttgart’s most iconic sports car, while an integrated Sports Response Button mirrors the one you’d find on a the latest Cayenne SUV.

Porsche has hiked up the levels of comfort, so this time you’ll find a heated windscreen and air-improving ioniser on the options list. A traffic jam adaptive cruise system has finally arrived in the Macan too, though it’s only functional at speeds up to 37.2mph (60kph).

That screen!

The most striking thing in the new Macan interior – besides the swarm of switches by the gear selector, which we’ll get to later – is a new full-HD infotainment system. Measuring a massive 11 inches corner-to-corner, the new screen features the same tile-based user interface as the Panamera and Macan. Such is the size of the new screen that Porsche has redesigned air vents around it, so they’re now below it.

Just like the current model, the new Macan will ship with a Connect Plus module, allowing for a more connected driving experience. That means you can expect voice control, and real-time traffic information powered by BMW, Daimler and VW Group’s Here maps service.

As you can see from the pictures, there's also a tonne of switches, which is a change from the smudgy glass surfaces we're now seeing dominate most VAG cars' dashboards... 

What’ll the new Macan be like to drive?

Porsche says the new Macan has an optimised chassis, so it should feature an even more engaging ride than the current model. As with the current car, the new 2019 Macan will feature mixed tyres to bolster its handling, and a new all-wheel drive system should increase the levels of grip - especially mid-corner.

Price and engine news? 

Porsche has confirmed UK prices will start at £46,344.00, a scant £400 more than the last Macan. All models sold in Great Britain will now get LED headlights and the new PCM with online navigation and Connect Plus. 

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By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's online editor and racing-sim enthusiast