Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (2012) first official pictures

Published: 12 October 2012

If you're a Porsche Cayenne buyer, it's unlikely you're too bothered about the political (in)correctness of your vehicle. Still, Porsche has somewhat injected a modicum of common sense into the new flagship model: the Cayenne Turbo S. Despite gains of 42bhp and 37lb ft over the already potent Cayenne Turbo, Porsche claims the Turbo S suffers no drop in fuel efficiency or inferior CO2 output.

Still, hardly sensible is it, this new Cayenne Turbo S?

Would you expect anything less? Those engine gains (courtesy of a remap only) take total power of the bi-turbo 4.8-litre V8 up to 542bhp and 553lb ft, and to the door of the BMW X6M, which boasts 13bhp more but 'only' 501lb ft of twist. As you'd expect with Porsche, you also get a myriad of acronyms to help make sense of that bonkers output: the Turbo S has active 'PASM' suspension, and PDCC - that's Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control, which counteracts body roll and boosts the car's agility when being driven like the clappers.

Also on board is Porsche's torque-vectoring system (PTV Plus) which marshals power to whichever wheel has most grip, while locking the rear differential to maximise traction for those 21-inch alloys.

With all that power and gadgetry colliding, performance figures are suitably eyebrow-raising. Launching from 0-62mph in 4.5sec (0.2sec quicker than your boggo Turbo), the Cayenne Turbo S tops out at 175mph - a whole 3mph faster than the standard Cayenne Turbo. And yet, Porsche insists the Turbo S is still good for 24.6mpg and 270g/km.

It's quicker then. What else sets my Turbo S apart from lesser Cayenne-kind?

Gloss black headlight surrounds, mirrors, and grilles are your first clue, along with the aforementioned 'Turbo II' style rims, also trimmed in gloss black. Thing is, you can order black exterior trim and Turbo S-style alloys on any Cayenne - even the £46k Diesel, so it's really only the extra badging that provides exclusive bragging rights.

Inside the Cayenne's rather gorgeous cabin, you can specify exclusive two-tone leather combinations, like the black/Carrera red you see in our pictures on the right. Carbon trim is the other main piece of cockpit Turbo S addenda.

Go on then: how much?

The economy figures may stay the same, but the price very much does not. Arriving in UK showrooms from January 2013, a Cayenne Turbo S will set you back £107,460 as standard. That's a mighty £19,734 more than a standard Cayenne Turbo, though some of that is offset by the natty wheels and driving aids fitted as standard.

Spec a Cayenne Turbo up to 'S' levels and the initial £87,726 price sails past £97k, plus you miss out on the extra poke. So there is method somewhere among the madness, you see.

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