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Renaultsport Clio 200 RS (2013) full spec low-down

Published: 15 February 2013 Updated: 26 January 2015

The new Renaultsport Clio RS 200 Turbo is lighter, more powerful, faster and more economical than the outgoing car. It’s also got a wealth of performance aids that wouldn’t embarrass a Porsche 911 Turbo. Renault unveiled this new Clio RS 200 at the 2012 Paris motor show, but now it’s released the full technical spec. Read on for the full details.

Renaultsport Clio 200: how powerful?

The new Clio RS has a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine in place of the old Clio RS’s naturally aspirated 2.0-litre car, and although the new car develops the same 200PS (197bhp) as the outgoing model, it’s at 6000rpm rather than a lofty 7100rpm. Torque is also up by 18lb ft, to 177lb ft, all of which is on tap to the front wheels from 1750-5500rpm, rather than the old car’s 159lb ft peak at 5400rpm.

Renaultsport Clio 200: how fast?

Thanks to the extra torque, a 36kg weight saving, and the dual-clutch six-speed paddleshift gearbox (the old Clio RS was manual only) the new 2013 RS Clio will hit 62mph in 6.7sec. That’s 0.2sec faster than before, though the mid-range is sure to feel meatier thanks to the grunt of the turbo. Top speed is 143mph, up by 2mph.

Renaultsport Clio 200: how techy?

Three driving modes are standard: Normal, Sport and Race. In Race, you get a sharper throttle reponse, heavier steering and more in-cabin engine noise. Gearchanges take just 150ms (the same as a Ferrari Enzo) and must be driver-activated. Plus, you can engage launch control, which Renaultsport claims ‘is capable of leaping [the Clio 200] off the start line far more efficiently than even the most talented driver could ever do’. Challenge accepted.

The RS Clio’s R-link touchscreen interface will include a new version of the Renaultsport monitor. As you’ll see in the gallery (right), Race mode allows you to check turbo boost pressure, power outputs and even clutch temperature. Plus, you can download your driving habits to a USB stick to log your lap times and G-force personal bests. The RS monitor has already proved popular on existing RS models, despite the fact you have to shun sat-nav to get it (not the case in the new Clio). In 2012, the RS Monitor was specified on almost 30% of Twingo Renaultsport orders, over 40% of Clio RS orders and more than 50% of Megane RS orders.

Renaultsport Clio 200: how frugal?

Renault claims the RS Clio will do up to 44.8mpg (up 10.3mpg from before) and emit 144g/km of CO2 (down 46g/km). Forget the ozone for a moment, what you need to know is that road tax is down £325 to £135 per year. Should buy a few track days, that…

Renaultsport Clio 200: how much?

Official UK prices haven’t been confirmed, but word is the RS Clio will come in at just under £20,000. Its key rival: the Peugeot 208 GTI, costs £18,895. As before, you’ll have the option of a hardcore Cup chassis on the Renault, which gets you 18-inch gloss black alloys, a 3mm ride height drop and 15% stiffer suspension.

By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish