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Seat Toledo concept car (2012) first pictures

Published: 02 March 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

Seat will whisk the covers off the new Seat Toledo concept car at the 2012 Geneva motor show. Stand by for some confusion: the old Toledo was a supersized MPV with a dodgily designed boot, but the new 2013 model will follow the much more conventional three-box design showcased here.

As you can tell by the ready-to-roll interior and surprisingly unshowy exterior, this Toledo is ‘a close-to-production study’.

Seat Toledo concept car (2012): the lowdown

Seat admits the Toledo will go on sale in Spain in late 2012, which points to a UK on-sale date in early 2013.

It’s a five-door hatchback, despite that three-box shape, and stretches to 4480mm long. There’s a large 500-litre boot, easily accessible thanks to the large tailgate.

Seat first launched the Toledo in 1991 and it’s popped up only occasionally in the range. The two generations of Toledo have sold 860,000 units in Europe.

The design story

Following IBE, IBX and IBL concepts, this is one of the first production Seats to espouse the latest Spanish design look.

James Muir, president and big cheese at Seat, said: ‘The Seat Toledo Concept illustrates our idea of the perfect mid-range car.  It is an excellent combination of emotional design, top-level functionality and dynamic driving characteristics. The subsequent production model, our new Toledo, will write a whole new success story with its clear SEAT identity, its excellent quality standard and exceptional value-for-money.

‘Following the Mii family and the new Ibiza, the new Toledo marks the next wave in our model offensive and growth strategy.’


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By Tim Pollard

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