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Smart Forstars concept (2012) first offical pictures

Published: 14 September 2012 Updated: 26 January 2015

It’s about time Smart gave us another wacky concept, and this cheeky-looking Paris show-goer should do just the trick. It’s an electrically-powered two-seater coupe that’ll do 80mph thanks to a Brabus-sourced 81bhp battery-powered drivetrain.

The 2012 Smart Forstars concept

Smart are touting the Forstars as a sports coupe concept, and it does bear a certain resemblance to the now-defunct Smart coupe, thanks to its prominent two-tone bodywork and wheel-at-each-corner stance.

Instead of a three-pot internal combustion engine and semi-auto transmission, the Forstars is electrically powered, and with 100lb ft available from 0rpm it could be quite a peppy little performer.

The styling is cheeky too – there’s a real ‘face’ element to the front end, thanks to ‘eyebrow’ running lights and the grinning grille. It’s actually similar to the open top Smart For-us concept seen at the 2012 Detroit motor show. This time though, there’s a glass roof panel ideal for star-gazing through, say Smart – hence the Forstars moniker.

Other neat exterior touches come in the shape of opening rear lights: the right one hides the charging socket, and the left one opens to allow space for storing a beverage can.

Inside the 2012 Smart Forstars concept

Fully customisable, the cabin is classic concept car fantasy. The seats apparently give ‘hammock-like comfort’, says Smart, and the instruments are heavily angled towards the driver. We can’t see the ‘topless’ steering wheel making it into showroom cars any time soon though. The front aspect design cues of the Forstars and For-us will likely make it onnto the next generation of Smart city cues, albeit in diluted form.

See the Smart Forstars for yourself and pester Smart to start building sports cars again at the Paris motor show from 29 September.


By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish