SsangYong XIV-2 concept (2012) at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Published: 07 March 2012

There might just be something stirring at Korea's number three carmaker. Further proof has come in the shape of the XIV-2, what SsanyYong is calling a premium 'convertible' CUV – that's crossover utility vehicle  – which is making its debut in Geneva.

Convertible, crossover, SUV – that's called hedging your bets isn't it?

It's a little bit of everything. SsangYong are confident this vehicle will be launched, but if not, one can only guess that different parts of it will be spread out over a number of production vehicles eventually. XIV-2 stand for Exciting User Interface Vehicle 2. We guess that EUIV-2 doesn't sound as good or perhaps something rude in Korean or Azeri. The emphasis, says SsangYong – that's got to be the most difficult car manufacturer to spell – is on fun.

Fun? In a SsangYong?

Indeed. The main highlights include a roll-top convertible roof, à la the 2CV, in a B segment car. It seems like this concept will become a reality, as they have already announced it will be launched in a number of body styles, including five and three door, coupé and a extended version.

What is Robust Aesthetics Realisation?

Oh, you've been reading the literature have you? It's the Koreans' design philosophy. SsangYong says it is keen to see drivers enjoy the aesthetics of an SUV but with the benefits of a B segment vehicle – so compactness, dynamism, functionality. There are four independent bucket seats, with carbon fibre and aluminium finish. Will that carbon fibre trim inside, which is rather swish whether you are SsangYong or not, make it to any production car? C'mon, it's time SsangYong joined the Korean success party, so let's hope it does.

By Stephen Worthy