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Suzuki Vitara (2015): tech details revealed at Paris

Published: 02 October 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

The Suzuki Vitara has always represented a kind of lifestyle choice, but the all-new version revealed at the 2014 Paris motor show is aiming to attract new buyers with a range of bright colours and personalisation options.

Similarly in keeping with the times, the new Vitara is also targeting eco-minded buyers, offering a choice two- or four-wheel drive and a pair of high efficiency 1.6-litre engines.

2015 Suzuki Vitara: engines and efficiency

Suzuki has confirmed the Vitara will be powered by the same 118bhp 1.6-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel engines as the SX4 S-Cross; the petrol produces 115lb ft, the diesel 236lb ft. 0-62mph times and top speeds are yet to be announced.

As for efficiency, Suzuki is saying the two-wheel drive petrol should achieve 123g/km with the standard five-speed manual gearbox and 127g/km with the six-speed automatic. This rises with Allgrip four-wheel drive to 134g/km and 138g/km, respective. Very impressive if it comes to fruition.

The diesel, meanwhile, is targeting 106g/km as a two-wheel drive six-speed manual and 111g/km as a four-wheel drive six-speed auto. The Allgrip four-wheel drive is an evolution of that fitted to the S-Cross, and features Auto, Sport, Snow and Lock driving modes.

2015 Suzuki Vitara: design

The exterior design of the new Vitara has a hint of Land Rover about it, spruced up with some cheeky two-tone colour combinations for a hit of yoof appeal. Suzuki is so proud of the three new body colours that it’s given us a description of each of them.

Atlantis Turquoise Pearl Metallic ‘evokes [ha…!] the excitement and thrill of discovering natural beauty in highly urbanised cities’, while Savannah Ivory Metallic ‘evokes a boundless savannah field, which brings out an adventurous spirit’. Our personal favourite, however, is Horizon Orange Metallic, which ‘evokes the excitement of encountering nature when leaving the city and heading for the suburbs.’

For extra pop, buyers will also be able to choose black or white finishes for the front grille and ‘fender garnishes’. On the inside it gets even more awesome, with turquoise, orange, white or piano black available for the instrument panel garnish and ‘louvre rings’. Plus there are two choices of clock.

The large twin sliding panel panoramic roof from the S-Cross is also available on the Vitara. But there’s no boot mounted spare wheel. Sorry, we should have warned you to sit down.

2015 Suzuki Vitara: size and technology

If you’re starting to wonder what actually makes the new Vitara different to the S-Cross, so are we. Suzuki’s even dialling back the off-road expectations a little, describing its ground clearance as ideal for ‘deeply rutted or snow-covered roads.’ It rides on 16-inch or 17-inch wheels.

However, at 4,175mm long, 1,775mm wide and 1,610mm high, the Vitara is 125mm shorter, 10mm wider and 35mm higher than the S-Cross– so it’s targeting b-segment crossovers more than the Qashqai. In fact, it’s slightly smaller than the Fiat 500X that’s also making its debut at Paris 2014. Boot space is 375 litres.

Tech highlights include RBS – a Radar Braking System that uses milliwave radar, which is said to be more accurate and less weather-dependent than camera-based systems. Adaptive cruise control also features, as does a satnav infotainment system with smartphone integration. Obviously.

There are no prices yet, but since it doesn’t go into production until early 2015, don’t expect to buy one much earlier than next summer.

By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Digital Automotive Hub and former Associate Editor of CAR. Road tester, organiser, reporter and professional enthusiast, putting the driver first