New Tesla Model 3: UK prices to start under £40k

Published: 17 October 2023 Updated: 17 October 2023

► Tesla Model 3 facelifted for 2024
► Prices from £42,990 on-the-road
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The Tesla Model 3 has been revised for the 2024 model year – and we’ve got all the new photos and specs of the facelifted electric car. It’s the biggest change after six years and 2 million sold, underlining the importance of the smaller, cheaper Tesla.

It’s now available in the UK, and will start from at £39,990. Deliveries for the heavily updated car – dubbed ‘Highland’ before being unveiled – will begin in January 2024 if all goes to plan. 

It’s become a common sight on UK roads, rising to be the bestselling car overall in some months. The Model 3 has clearly done its job intended by Elon Musk: to electrify the masses. Key changes for the 2024 model year are revised lamps front and rear, and a host of interior upgrades, and we’ll detail all these changes in this article.

Newly updated Tesla Model 3, front three quarters

You can watch our Tesla Model 3 video in the film below, where road tester James Dennison drives the cheaper, smaller Tesla in London and the countryside, and gives CAR magazine’s verdict. We’ll be driving the revised 2024 Model 3 in the weeks to come.

Read on for everything you need to know about the Tesla Model 3 EV. 

Prices and launch date

Two models are coming to the UK and Ireland in 2024: the Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Long Range All-Wheel Drive, suggesting that Performance models are being quietly shelved for now. Prices for the new car will start at £39,990 for the most basic rear-wheel drive Model, and stretch to £49,990 for the Tesla Model 3 with the longest possible range. 

Two additional colours (Ultra Red and Stealth Grey) will be added, and you can see the updated specs and prices below.

 Model 3 Rear-Wheel DriveModel 3 Long Range
WLTP range 19” Optional Nova Wheels 318 miles 390 miles 
Consumption 19”  212.5Wh/mi225.4Wh/mi
Estimated range 18” Standard Portal Wheels 344 miles 421 miles 
Top Speed 125mph 125mph 
0-60mph 5.8 sec 4.2 sec 
Price £39,990 £49,990 

2024 Tesla Model 3

Compare that to previous specs below and the range is up across the board, although speed remains unchanged. That’s partly down to the updated Model 3’s uprated aerodynamic efficiency. As mentioned, there’s no new Highland-spec Performance trim at the time of writing, though that’ll likely come later.

 Rear Wheel DriveLong Range AWDModel 3 Performance
0-60mph5.8 seconds4.2 seconds3.1 seconds
Top speed140 mph145 mph162 mph
Range WLTP305 miles374 miles340 miles
Starting price£40,490£50,990£57,990
Wheel options18in Aero or 19in Sport18in Aero or 19in Sport20in Performance
DriveRear-wheel driveDual motor all-wheel driveDual motor all-wheel drive
Vehicle warranty4 year / 50,000 miles4 year/ 50,000 miles4 year / 50,000 miles
Battery and warranty 8 year / 100,000 miles8 year / 120,000 miles8 year / 120,000 miles
New 2024 Tesla Model 3: front on

Tesla Supercharging explained

The interior and cabin

Most of the improvements to the Model 3 are focused around the cabin, an area where its age was beginning to show compared to the competition. Tesla engineers have introduced premium materials to the fold and updated pretty much everything in the interior: The front seats are now ventilated and all seats are heated as standard. 

Rear seats in the 2024 Tesla Model 3

The centre console – always a highlight of Teslas – still houses a 15.4-inch display, but thinner bezels mean there’s more usable screen area than before. The entire console is now covered in aluminium with improved storage, dual wireless phone chargers and a trio of up-to-date USB-C ports – all capable of pushing out 65W of power. Tesla has also added ambient lighting, a feature found in the majority of its competitors.

2024 Tesla Model 3 interior

Passengers at the rear haven’t been left out when it comes to tech though; an 8-inch screen will allow those in the back seats to access entertainment and other options, with further features to be added via OTA updates. 

Rear touchscreen for back-seat passengers

A new stereo brings 17 speakers, dual subwoofers and twin amplifiers for Long Range vehicles, while basic RWD Model 3s get a single sub and amp. The infotainment supports Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal and Tesla promises better microphones for hands-free calls.

Note also how there is no key: instead you use your phone, or a Tesla credit-card-sized fob, to unlock and start the car. It’s a good example of Tesla focusing on evolution, not revolution. The 2024 facelift is a modest change, emphasising everyday useability over any significant engineering step change.

Tesla Model 3: charging

Tesla recently gave Model 3s with the bigger battery a firmware update which brought faster, 200kW charging capability. It means cars with the top battery can now add a theoretical 850 miles of range in just one hour – if you can find a fast enough charger, that is.

The new European ultra-fast networks such as Ionity, Fastned and Allego chargers should do the job, according to Tesla.

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