New car debrief: Tesla Model X, CAR+ November 2015 | CAR Magazine

New car debrief: Tesla Model X, CAR+ November 2015

Published: 23 October 2015

► Come fly with the new Tesla Model X
► All-electruv SUv with 510bhp
► Sub 5sec 0-60mph and 155mph 

1) All-electric SUV this is the four-wheel-drive Model X, the latest bombshell from Californian electric maverick Tesla. Naturally it does without a filthy combustion engine; power – lots of it in 752bhp P90D guise – comes from two electric motors, fed by a battery with a 250-mile range.  

2) Tesla gives you wings – double-hinged ‘falcon wing’ rear doors promise easy access in tight spaces, as do auto-opening front doors. Interior space is vast – choose six or seven seats over three rows – and will feel bigger still, with a minimalist Tesla cabin architecture and a windscreen extended overhead.  

3) Ludicrous speed – 510bhp 90D is no slouch (0-60mph in 4.8sec, the standing quarter-mile in 12.2sec and 155mph) but P90D promises surreal 752bhp performance; 0-60mph in 3.2sec and the quarter-mile in 11.7sec if you opt for the Ludicrous speed upgrade. This despite the Model X’s 2468kg kerb weight. 

4) Smart and safe – a low centre of gravity, engine-free crumple zones and collision avoidance tech have prompted Tesla to claim the Model X safer than Audi Q5 or Volvo XC60. Order now for a UK delivery in mid to late 2016. UK prices are unconfirmed, but reckon on £74k for the 90D. 

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By Phil McNamara

Group editor, CAR magazine