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Tesla Model X crossover: the gullwing electric SUV is here

Published: 30 September 2015 Updated: 30 September 2015

► Tesla Model X shown overnight
► World debut of Tesla’s electric SUV
► Dramatic doors, stellar e-range and more 

Electric car visionary Elon Musk whisked the covers off the new Tesla Model X P90D crossover overnight at an event in the US – and gave the first six customers the keys to the world’s first production all-electric SUV. It’s the second major model launch from Tesla Motors and follows the battery-powered Model S into showrooms in winter 2015.

The world debut was more akin to an iPhone launch, Musk talking through his new baby on stage with a slick audio-visual presentation and props such as rival SUVs rolled on and off stage at will. All very Silicon Valley, as you’d expect from a tech start-up disrupting the established car makers.

Looking like a Model S on stilts, the production car below stays true to the aesthetic of the 2012 concept car (the car pictured at the end of our gallery). It’s a slippery shape, with a drag coefficient of just 0.24 – helping contribute to its (theoretical) top speed of 155mph. Nought to sixty takes just 3.8sec in the regular P90D model.

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Tesla Model X: rear view

Tesla is already taking $5000 deposits for the Model X, which has a 250-mile range, and Musk confirmed key details: the Model X has greater safety ratings than rival SUVs such as the Audi Q5 and Volvo XC60; those ‘Falcon Wing’ rear gullwing doors have made it to production; electric four-wheel drive is standard; three rows of seven seats fit adults; and the wonderfully named Ludicrous speed upgrade package, which cuts the 0-62mph time to just 3.2sec, features again. Musk also confirmed:

  • Auto-opening and closing front doors – hands-free!
  • ‘Bio-defence filter’ to clean out viruses, smog and pollutants
  • Wrapover windscreen curling over driver’s head
  • Universal fit mobile phone holder adapts to all cellphones
  • Rear ‘Falcon Wing’ rear gullwing doors
  • Double-hinged doors to ease access in tight spaces
  • 259bhp front motor, 503bhp rear motor
  • Those batteries come with a penalty: kerbweight is 2468kg
  • Quarter mile: 11.7sec Ludicrous P90D, 12.2sec P90D

Elon Musk on his future three-car model range strategy

CAR caught up with Musk at last week’s launch of the European factory in Tilburg, the Netherlands and he confirmed the Model X joined the Model S as the second phase in Tesla’s growth strategy. ‘We have a three-step plan,’ he said. ‘Step one was for an expensive, low-volume car – which was the Roadster. Step two is for mid-volume, mid-price cars [the Model S and Model X]. Step three is for high-volume, low-price cars. If there was a way to do step three immediately, I would definitely have done so.

‘Another way to think of it: even after tax breaks, our car is still fairly expensive so people who are well off are essentially paying for the R&D of the mass-market car. This is not true if you were Ferrari: Ferrari results in more Ferraris. The money we’re making – or not making – is going toward designing and developing the affordable car. I wish I could give you it sooner: we’re doing it as soon as we can. We need the Gigafactory available to make an affordable, long-range electric car.’ 

The Model 3 is being readied for launch in 2017, with a sticker price of $35,000 in the US.

Tesla Model X: a new dawn for crossover-kind

There’s certainly no arguing with the timing: as the Volkswagen group is embroiled in the #dieselgate scandal and just getting round to showing conceptual imaginations of all-electric crossovers – witness the Audi E-tron concept at the Frankfurt motor show – here comes Silicon Valley upstart Tesla with a fully fledged production iteration.

Stay tuned to see if Tesla can move the needle again.

Elon Musk unveils the Tesla Model X on 30 September 2015

By Tim Pollard

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