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Tesla Model Y: Elon Musk sets November 2019 production date for EV crossover

Published: 13 April 2018

 Completes Model S, 3, X, Y line-up
 Production planned for Nov 2019
 Crossovery partner to the Model 3

Last year Tesla chief Elon Musk revealed the existence of the Model Y, a crossover-style EV to partner the Model 3 – and now sources have revealed when he wants to start making it. According to a new report on Reuters, two sources claim Elon Musk is shooting for a production date of November 2019 for its next EV, and wants to start production in China two years after that.

According to Reuters' sources, car brands typically choose suppliers around 2.5 years before production, but Tesla’s picking them just 18 months before it aims to start building the Model Y.

While it’s just about possible, it sounds like a very aggressive plan to us. Where have we heard this before?...

What about the Tesla Model 3?

The Y completes what Elon Musk calls Tesla’s ‘S 3 X Y’ based model line up, but it’s interesting to see the company pushing on despite issues with Model 3 production. When combined with the commercial Semi Truck and the forthcoming second-gen Roadster, it appears Tesla has a lot on its plate.

Will it deliver? The company’s track record – particularly with the Model 3 - suggests it won't all be plain sailing, but we’ll wait and see.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR magazine's new online editor and tech lover