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Drift wagon wheels – it’s Toyota’s GT86 Shooting Brake!

Published: 09 May 2016

 One-off Toyota GT86 estate
 Shooting brake styling study
 Australian design team’s vision 

Ever wondered what would happen if you slung an estate rear end on to the Toyota GT86? Well, the company’s Australian styling studio did – and here’s the result. 

The Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake is a one-off and, sadly, is not destined for production any time soon. Which is a shame: we’re intrigued by the neatly incorporated rear end, topped with a nifty wraparound spoiler spurring out of the sharply angled C-pillar. 

Maybe not quite a junior Ferrari FF or GTC4 Lusso on the cheap, but a head-turning experiment nonetheless.

It was built by the Japanese manufacturer’s Australian design outpost, as an exercise in how far the coupe range could be stretched. And Toyota admits it’s a fully functioning, driveable concept…

Why not build it then? Dog owners in a rush would lap it up!

It all comes down to numbers, stupid. While enthusiasts may be going gaga over the idea of a more practical rear-wheel drive wagon, the business case is on slightly shakier ground. 

Still, at least the GT86’s chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, is quoted as being a fan of the Shooting Brake concept. ‘While we never say never, and I would love this concept to become a production reality, it is very much a concept that demonstrates the passion within Toyota for cars that are fun to drive.’

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By Tim Pollard

Group digital editorial director, car news magnet, crafter of words