New car debrief: Toyota Prius Plug-in, CAR+ May 2016 | CAR Magazine

New car debrief: Toyota Prius Plug-in, CAR+ May 2016

Published: 01 April 2016 Updated: 20 April 2016

► We take a look at the new plug-in Prius
► Revamped exterior design and tech
► Claimed 202mpg thanks to new battery

1) Plug-in baby – Toyota’s given the new Prius Plug-in a much more distinctive appearance than its predecessor. Sharply redesigned front and rear, it’s a deliberate effort to attract tech-savvy customers keen to signify their insight (no pun intended) and eco credentials.

2) Double everything – new 8.8kWh lithium-ion battery pack means a 31-mile electric range, twice that of the last socket-ready version. The car also doubles up on electric torque output by using both e-motor and generator to deliver drive, a Toyota first.

3) Maximum EV – capable of 84mph without troubling the 1.8-litre Atkinson petrol (itself now at world-beating 40% thermal efficiency), the Plug-in claims a class-leading 202mpg and 32g/km CO2. Full battery recharge takes 2hrs 20min on the mains.

4) Pump it up – other developments include solar roof charging and efficient gas injection heat pump air-con. We already know the new platform is a better drive. On sale late 2016, pricing will be subject to the plug-in grant; expect to pay £29k.

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By CJ Hubbard

Head of the Bauer Digital Automotive Hub and former Associate Editor of CAR. Road tester, organiser, reporter and professional enthusiast, putting the driver first