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These limited edition WRC-inspired GR Yaris models will cost £60k

Published: 27 March 2024 Updated: 27 March 2024

► Toyota pays tribute to its Yaris-powered WRC rally program
► And two of its most accomplished drivers
► Two models with just 100 produced of each

GR Yaris Limited edition - rear ogier

Toyota has revealed pricing for the new GR Yaris – as well as the new special editions you can read about below. The base car will now kick off at £44,250 but the two special editions described here will now kick off at £60,000 each.

You can see the full price list below:

GR Yaris6-speed intelligent manual£44,250
GR Yaris8-speed Gazoo Racing Direct Automatic£45,750
GR Yaris Ogier Edition6-speed intelligent manual£60,000
GR Yaris Rovanperä Edition6-speed intelligent manual£60,000

What are they?

Two limited-edition versions of the new, already sought-after GR Yaris hot hatch. Called the Ogier Edition and the Rovanperä Edition, both cars were revealed at this year’s Monte Carlo rally, and named after two of the Toyota WRC’s teams most decorated drivers. 

Chairman Akio Toyoda said that both cars were commissioned to ‘express my respect and gratitude to the drivers who hone and grow our cars in rallies, to all the teams that provide us with such opportunities, and to rally organizers and all others involved, as well as to fans.’ 

GR Yaris Limited edition - Rovanpera rear

If you want one, you’ll need to be quick – and live in Japan; they’re a domestic model only, and Toyota is currently planning to make just 100 of each. 

What’s different? 

GR engineers have left the engine untouched, so power remains at 276bhp and torque at 288lb ft, just as in the standard car. However, the manner and means in which that power is delivered to the road is very different: instead of a gravel and track mode, each model now has a special set of modes derived from the input of each driver – as well as Toyoda. 

The Ogier edition features a Morizo mode (named after Toyoda’s driving pseudonym) and a Seb mode, which delivers rear-wheel bias for a more oversteery, but quicker car.

The Rovanperä version features a donut mode, and Kalle mode, which reduces rear traction on entry and increases power to the front axle on exit – effectively dragging the car out of corners. As with the Ogier model, it’s this latter mode that delivers the lap times. Both cars also feature a normal mode, as on the High performance, RZ trim.

Anything else? 

GR Yaris Limited edition - rear ogier

In addition to the powertrain tweaks, both cars also get a few more superficial upgrades. Both editions get new rear spoilers – with the Ogier edition getting a lightweight rally spoiler, and the Rovanperá getting the same CFRP spoiler as the GRMN Yaris. 

Colours are different too, with the Ogier getting a new matte Stealth Gray colour and the Rovanperä edition is getting three-tone paint. There’s also a sprinkling of WRC badges around the car, and both steering wheels get stitching to match each drivers’ nationality. 

GR Yaris Toyota limited edition interior

Each car will also come with access to the drivers, cars and teams at the 2024 Rally of Japan – as well other gifts and the chance for owners to have their name displayed on the 2024 rally car.

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes