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Toyota restores Sports 800 coupe

Published: 01 February 2019 Updated: 01 February 2019

► Restored Toyota Sports 800 coupe
► Finished in modern Gazoo livery
► Oldest Toyota sports car ever!

While Toyota was deep in the process of (finally) finishing the Supra and building the super hardcore Yaris GRMN, it was also busy restoring this: a Sports 800 coupe. 

Is it the oldest sports car Toyota made? It’s not far off it, given that it technically preceded the gorgeous 2000GT. Not much was known about chassis 10,007’s history when it was found, but Toyota took the tattered car under its wing and made a complete restoration.

Before Toyota got to work, it had found out that the very example they had was one of four racers at the first Suzuka 500km endurance race back in 1966. It had been built to race spec with specific performance parts and strengthening.

Sports 800 interior

The car had deteriorated so much that more than half of the bodyshell required new sheet metal. The car had also been subject to modern (and much more precise) manufacturing techniques with regards to the engine rebuild, designed to enhance durability.

What resulted was a 53-year-old reborn racer with a new name and a new look: the Sports 800 GR Concept, complete with Toyota’s up-to-date and OTT livery.

A concept that’s both new and old at the same time, brought back to its former glory. Perhaps even more so. Do you like it? Be sure to comment below and sound off!

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By Jake Groves

CAR's deputy news editor, gamer, serial Lego-ist, lover of hot hatches