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Toyota to show FT86 Convertible at 2013 Geneva show

Published: 01 February 2013 Updated: 26 January 2015

Toyota is bringing a drop-top GT86 to next month’s Geneva motor show. Based on its sublime lightweight GT86 coupe, the FT-86 Open (the show car has ditched the ‘GT’ name reverted to the ‘FT’ tag because it’s currently only a concept) will be revealed in March 2013. ‘FT’ stands for ‘Future Toyota’, and Toyota has already started the media tease by releasing this sketch.

Is the Toyota GT86 convertible confirmed for production?

Not quite. Toyota is being coy about the GT86 convertible, calling the concept ‘a possible future development of the coupe’. However, although Toyota says the concept car is appearing to gauge customer reaction, it’s also revealed testing is underway on GT86 drop-top mules behind the scenes. Here’s hoping its gestation is decidedly shorter than the GT86’s drip-feed reveal.

The teaser sketch appears to show rear seats, meaning the GT86 cabrio will lose its metal roof but keep its 2+2 seating layout. Expect a folding cloth hood on the concept, rather than a two- or -three-piece metal roof, which would be the complete antithesis of the GT86’s lightweight ethos.

What else is Toyota bringing to the 2013 Geneva show?

The production-ready Auris ‘Touring Sports’ will be shown: it’s the first time Toyota has offered the Auris as a wagon. Prices and full specs will be revealed later in the year, but Toyota has confirmed the Auris estate will be built in the UK.

Also making its European debut is the new RAV4 soft-roader. It’l be joined by two design study concepts: the RAV4 Premium and RAV4 Adventure.

Finally, Geneva-goers will also see the Toyota i-Road concept. All Toyota has let on so far is that the quirky city car is designed for zero-emissions urban driving, and can seat two people (though we’re not quite sure how, yet.)

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By Ollie Kew

Former road tester and staff writer of this parish