Toyota’s new Avensis: more photos and details

Published: 10 September 2008

Two weeks ago, Toyota showed a solitary rear three-quarters photograph of the new Avensis. Today, it has released a slew of new photos to show how the saloon and estate will look from all angles.

Toyota’s new Mondeo rival arrives at the 2008 Paris motor show, but here are our first impressions of the new Avensis ahead of its French debut.

Toyota Avensis: more photos

The first photograph of the Avensis made it look remarkably like the Lexus IS, with a dose of BMW styling thrown in around the back for good measure.

Now we can see the snout of the Avensis, we can see the family lineage shared with the outgoing model. Thankfully it doesn’t have the same boxy feel that the old car had, thanks to lights that have been stretched up the sides of the bonnet and a more pointed nose.

Is the new Avensis another white-goods-on-wheels car?

Don’t expect the new car to be a sporty coupe-inspired saloon though – a VW Passat CC it is not. Instead Toyota claims the new Avensis has been developed with comfort in mind, not sporting pretensions.

It is designed to be more refined, with an emphasis on ride comfort and a feel of quality (perhaps a deliberate echo of Lexus-inspired styling). That’s why we won’t get a hatchback version of the new model, but Toyota claims that previous hatchback owners will be catered for by the new Touring.

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Ah yes, the new Toyota Avensis Touring estate

The Avensis Touring has a curvier figure than before – we especially like the sloping roofline and angled rear screen. Both bodystyles feature chromed window edges and 10-spoke alloy wheels. You know what? We think they have the look of crisp, contemporary family cars. The Avensis isn’t going to set your heart racing, but Toyota has judged this well for its target audience, we reckon.

Inside the modern, wannabe-executive feel is continued with toys such as a start button, satellite navigation, dual-zone climate control, heated electric seats, and plenty of leather and wood.

Has Toyota released any other information?

Mechanical details are still scarce, but we know the new Avensis will share many of the new components currently found in the Auris and the RAV4, as well as inheriting the independent suspension from the top-spec Auris.

The new model will also contain new safety technology, such as Steering-assist Vehicle Control (VSC+), Adaptive Front Light System (AFS), and Pre-Crash Safety System (PCS). A whole alphabet soup of acronyms to confuse buyers, then…

When can I buy a new Avensis?

The new Avensis will appear in UK showrooms in January 2009. In the meantime you can see it at the Paris motor show on 2 October 2008 – and CAR will be reporting live from the show floor.

The Avensis will be shown alongside the new iQ city car and Urban Cruiser.