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Volkswagen Beetle (2011) first official pictures

Published: 18 April 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

After 11 long years on sale the New Beetle is dead – its successor is this, The Beetle. We’ll just call it the new 2011 VW Beetle.

2011 VW Beetle: trading flower-power for outlaw rodder

Wider, lower and longer, the 2011 Beetle abandons its predecessors three semi-circle styling for the flat-roof look of 2005’s hot rod-inspired Ragster concept. 

At the front, the Beetle adopts the corporate horizontal intake styling and a more angular front bumper melded with a less curvaceous evolution of the 1998 New Beetle styling template.

The flattening of the New Beetle’s curves continues in profile and at the rear we see a standard integrated spoiler below the rear window. More complex tail-light clusters fit with the current corporate style book, while overall the Beetle is a more aggressive, masculine design. 

As well as bringing a silhouette more reminiscent of the original VW, the new styling means less headroom, and despite being bigger than the Golf in all dimensions, its boot is smaller than its parts-sharing sibling too. So the form-before-function approach of the 1998 original hasn’t disappeared altogether with the new generation.

Inside the 2011 VW Beetle

The Beetle’s interior makes a significant leap forward in perceived maturity over the 1998 car’s simple geometric design. The central facia can be specified in body colour or the carbonfibre-look trim shown in the official photos.

There are three specification levels on the Beetle – basic Beetle, more luxurious Design, or top-line Sport for all the enthusiasts the more coupe-like, aggressive 2011 Beetle is presumed to attract. The car can be specified with an optional panoramic glass roof, and a 400W Fender sound system amongst a range of customised trim options. The 1998 car’s flower vase is noticeable by its absence on this lower-set, more sporting interior design.

The Beetle’s powerplants

All European engines are turbo’d four-pots, with 103bhp and 138bhp on offer from the 1.6 and 2.0 diesels, and 103bhp (1.2-litre), 158bhp (1.4) and 197bhp (2.0) available from VW’s TSI units.

The top two petrols feature the XDS electronic differential from the Golf GTI, and the entry-level Bluemotion Technology oiler is the cleanest and most fuel efficient Beetle ever: 65.7mpg and 112g/km CO2.

The new Beetle is set to debut simultaneously at the 2011 Shanghai motor show, 2011 New York motor show and a special media event in Berlin.

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