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VW Touareg SUV: 2018 4x4 is coming soon

Published: 12 February 2018

► New 2018 VW Touareg
► Next-gen SUV teased
► Reveal on 23 March

It’s teaser sketch time again. The new Volkswagen Touareg SUV is coming and this side-on drawing is our first glimpse at the production design.

It won’t be at the 2018 Geneva show, though; instead we’ll see it at a separate event on 23 March in Beijing.

Why a Chinese reveal? VW says the segment in which the Touareg sits in is booming in Asia, with the market set to double by 2023.

Any performance specs?

The new Touareg lists air suspension, rear-wheel steering and advanced roll stabilisation as key features of the car’s drivetrain – much like what you’ll find on the latest Porsche Cayenne. That makes sense, since all previous versions of VW’s Touareg have used the Cayenne’s platform and running gear.

Engines aren’t known yet but, for context, the current version used two different power outputs of a 3.0-litre V6 diesel – 201bhp and 258bhp.

VW T-Prime concept

The T-Prime concept, which we said was a preview to the next-gen Touareg, had a plug-in hybrid electric drivetrain with a 2.0-litre TSI turbo petrol engine mated to a battery and electric motor for extra boost. Up to 516lb ft of torque was available, allowing for a 0-62mph sprint in just 6.0sec and a claimed economy of 94mph. Heady figures, indeed. 

What about the interior?

VW says the Touareg will have ‘one of the largest digital cockpits in its class’, nicknamed the Innovision Cockpit that apparently ‘opens up a new type of infotainment environment’.

It’s going to be heavy on touchscreens and will come with a ‘phalanx of innovative infotainment systems.’ Quite a word to use.

VW Touareg 2018: price and release date

UK prices and official specs aren’t known yet, but we’ll find out more when the new SUV is officially revealed on 23 March in Beijing.

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By Jake Groves

CAR's staff writer, office Geordie, gamer, lover of hot hatches