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Fisker Hybrid

Published: 04 December 2007 Updated: 26 January 2015

What’s this oddly attractive thing?

Former Aston Martin designer Henrik Fisker is working on a turn-key hybrid sports car that will make its public debut at next year’s Detroit motor show in January. Fisker Coachbuild has hooked up with Quantum Technologies, the American producer of cutting-edge clean propulsion technologies, to create this slinky four-door four-seater.

Unlike the Fisker Tromonto which is based on a Mercedes SL55 AMG, the new four-door hybrid will be new from the ground up and will feature a ‘soft’ hybrid system – a petrol or diesel engine complemented by an electric motor that draws power from a raft of batteries. As well as being charged on-the-go using regenerative braking, the batteries can also draw power from the domestic mains – you simply plug in your car overnight so it’s ready to go fully electric for your commute to work the next day.

This teaser image aside, Fisker is keeping the specifics of the car under lock and key, but plans to sell around 15,000 a year when production comes on stream ‘We want people to drive beautiful fast cars that make environmental sense – cars that are eco-chic and will have less of an impact on global warming,’ says Fisker.