Audi revs up its 2026 F1 plans with 100% stake in Sauber

Published: 08 March 2024 Updated: 08 March 2024

► Audi is joining F1 in 2026
► Will now take over all of Sauber team
► Audi’s Hoffmann will need to unite Neuburg and Hinwil sites

The 2024 season might not be the most thrilling so far, but Audi must’ve seen something it likes: today Ingolstadt has announced it will now take over 100% of the Sauber team (currently called Stake) as opposed to the original 75%. 

The news puts to rest rumoured doubts about Audi’s planned 2026 entry Formula One, and will see a shuffle of senior key figures to look after the increased program. 

According to a release put out by Audi, Oliver Hoffmann will be responsible for the Audi Formula 1 program overall as a General Representative, while ex-McLaren team principal – also ex-Porsche WEC and ex-BMW F1 team – Andrew Seidl will take the reins as team principal. 

‘We have a clear roadmap for how we want to become competitive in Hinwil as well as in Neuburg, said Seidl. ‘We have ambitious goals. Realization of them is in progress and will be further accelerated through the complete takeover of Sauber by AUDI AG.’

Hoffmann’s job will essentially unite the three pillars of Audi’s F1 efforts; the Sauber F1 team, the power unit division over in Neuburg (crucial for 2026) and the main Audi company’s involvement. It’s no simple task to unite such a fragmented team – just have a look how things at the Enstone/Viry based Alpine F1 team. As you’d expect, it’s a full-time job, so Hoffmann will now step down as a member of the board. 

‘I would like to thank the entire team at Technical Development for the great performance in recent years, and I am proud of the outstanding products resulting from our intensive work that we will bring to the streets in the coming months,’ said Hoffmann.

‘Motorsport, particularly Formula 1, is my big passion. I am convinced that by bundling responsibilities and taking over 100 percent of Sauber Group, we will further accelerate our preparations for the launch in 2026.’

By Curtis Moldrich

CAR's Digital Editor, F1 and sim-racing enthusiast. Partial to clever tech and sports bikes