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Citroen to launch ‘3CV’ plus DS3 cabrio, DS4 SUV, DS6

Published: 24 October 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

Citroen is working on a ‘3CV’, a radical new entry-level model positioned between C1 and C3. Imagine the previous C2 pepped up by the glittery polish that’s made the DS3 such a success, and you’re not far off Citroen’s new city car vision.

Known inhouse as Citroen Trois Chevaux (3CV), it reportedly captures the spirit of the quirky Ami 6, draws on the space efficiency of the 2CV and mimics the ride comfort of the hydropneumatically sprung GS.

Citroen 3CV: a new kind of supermini

‘This car is all about wellbeing,’ Jean-Marc Gales, the Luxemburg-born chief of PSA, tells CAR.

‘It devotes abundant space to the passengers, is so relaxed that we may even cap the top speed, and will be a style statement in the best tradition of the brand.’

When will we know more about the proposed Citroen 3CV?

Not for a while, as more precise details are elusive at present. But it’ll naturally be based on the PSA group PF1 architecture, which could make it the first small hybrid being planned by Paris. Citroen is purportedly preparing the Trois Chevaux for launch in 2013.

Citroen DS3 cabrio, DS4 SUV and a DS6

Citroen has enjoyed considerable success with the DS3; it’s sold more than 100,000 in just 18 months, making it far more successful than the naysayers predicted. So few will be surprised that Citroen plans further quasi-premium spin-offs.

A DS3 cabrio will be co-produced with Magna to accommodate a Fiat 500-style rollback roof, while Citroen also plans to pep up the DS3 Racing, with an even sportier variant planned for 2012.

We also hear a DS4 SUV is being designed to take on the Audi Q3 and friends, while the DS6 will eventually replace the slow-selling C6 (only 52 Brits were brave enough last year).

The DS6 will be a sleek 4.9-metre notchback in the spirit of the Metrpolis show car, although not quite as large.

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By Georg Kacher

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