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Ferrari M458-T (2015) – more details of 458 Italia’s turbo

Published: 06 August 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Twenty-six years after the F40, the California T marks Ferrari’s late comeback to the turbo fraternity. Predictably enough, the next turbocharged model – the facelifted 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia – is just round the corner.

At the 2015 Geneva motor show, the Italian sports car maker is expected to launch the M458-T, otherwise known as the revised Ferrari 458 Italia. Developed under the codename 142M, the uprated 458 will be powered by a twin-turbo V8 rated at approximately 670bhp.

An extra 100 horses sounds like a lot, and the Italia´s artificially aspirated downsized 3855cc V8 is indeed even stronger than the 560bhp version fitted to the California T, itself capable of 0-62mph in 3.6sec and 196mph.

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What can we expect from the 2015 Ferrari M458-T?

In the case of the M458-T, a quite extensive array of design changes is required to warrant the wellbeing of turbochargers, intercoolers and brakes. The most obvious alterations concern bigger nasal air intakes which are complemented by prominent lateral scoops.

While they are at it, styling chief Flavio Manzoni and his design team are also going to reshape the bumpers, fit restyled LED lights and further improve the aerodynamics for enhanced cornering downforce.

What about inside the facelifted Ferrari 458 Italia?

Inside, the M458-T gets the same Harman-Kardon infotainment as the California T, which means Apple’s CarPlay will be introduced to keep iPhone fans entertained when they’re stuck in traffic.

Just about the only new driver assistance item is a reversing camera.

Expect to hear more about the facelifted Ferrari 458 Italia in the coming months in the run-up to the 2015 Geneva motor show.

By Georg Kacher

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