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Fisker to show Surf shooting brake at Frankfurt

Published: 05 September 2011 Updated: 26 January 2015

Fisker will show a new Karma-based shooting brake called Surf at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show.

This is the first picture of the Fisker Surf, issued after CAR broke the news of the shooting brake earlier in the week.

Customers of the Karma have been disappointed by the boot space – pinched by the bulky batteries and range-extender hardware – so Henrik Fisker’s team has designed a new shooting brake to offer an expanded luggage hold while retaining the grace of the four-door coupe.

Fisker shooting brake: a lifestyle estate

The Fisker Surf shooting brake is understood to be spun off the Karma architecture, so will keep the range-extender hybrid drivetrain.

We’ll see the Surf properly at the Frankfurt motor show on 13 September 2011.

The Karma is the first in a swelling range of Fisker electric cars. It plans a new executive sized model in 2013 dubbed Project Nina, which will use a BMW powertrain.

A BMW engine? Are they doing deals with everyone now?

Munich is keen to do powertrain supply deals. It’s already offered its 1.6 petrol engine for use in future Saabs, and now it’s agreed to supply Fisker with its 2.0 turbo petrol for use in future models.

Fisker CEO and founder Henrik Fisker said: ‘The BMW engine was an obvious choice for us, as BMW is known for producing the best and most fuel efficient gasoline engines in the world. We are very pleased to have signed this agreement with BMW.’

Fisker has opened a new office in Munich to smoothe over the engine supply deal.

It expects to sell 40% of cars in the US and Europe each, with the remaining 20% of global sales headed for Asia.

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By Tim Pollard

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