Mountune tweaks RS: upgrade pack for new Ford Focus RS launched

Published: 05 August 2016

► RS now faster than Porsche 911
► New parts result in 25bhp boost
► Owners can have it fitted for £899

Mountune, Ford’s official performance partner, has finally tapped its magic wand on the new Ford Focus RS. The result is a 370bhp hatchback that can outrun an entry-level manual Porsche 911 from 0-62mph – and you even get to keep the warranty. 

So what’s been changed?

Thanks to a few key tweaks, including a fettled ECU and a new air filter, power rises from 345bhp to 370bhp. Torque on overboost is up, too, from 347lb ft to 376lb ft. The RS’s top speed remains pegged at 165mph, but the 0-62mph time is cut by two-tenths to 4.5sec – outstripping the aforementioned Carrera by 0.1sec. 

2016 Ford Focus RS

Sounds great – but what’s the catch?

You’ll be pleased to here this: there really isn’t one. The upgrade costs a tolerable £899 and it doesn’t affect the RS’s warranty. If you’ve already got your Ford then you can have the upgrade retrofitted at any Mountune-approved dealership.

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