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Power outputs released for the 2015 Ford Mustang

Published: 21 July 2014 Updated: 26 January 2015

Ford has released power outputs, but not performance figures, for its all-new Mustang that goes on sale in right-hand drive in the UK this summer 2015.

Two engines will be offered: A 429bhp 5.0-litre V8 or a more European-friendly (slightly) 306bhp 2.3-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

US buyers also get the option of a 296bhp 3.7-litre V6, but it’s not coming here and there’s no diesel for us limeys, or anyone else.

The PR drip feed means we’ll have to wait until the September first drives in the US to find out how quick the Mustang is, but predictions are the V8-powered Mustang should sprint to 62mph in less than 4.5 seconds. The turbo four, meanwhile, is expected to do the 0-62mph dash in less than five seconds.

Old name, new tech

Forget the ancient live-axle rear end that made the old car almost irrelevant over here because the new ‘Stang gets an independent multi-link rear suspension that should help it cope better with the UK’s rougher roads and the frequent occurrence of the Mustang’s arch-nemesis – pesky corners.

To help cement the new Mustang’s sportscar credentials all British cars come standard with a chassis upgrades. All UK cars get bigger brakes, stiffer springs, strut-bracing and a thicker rear sway bar. Mustangs sold here also get a Euro-tune ESP and power steering, plus additional cooling for track days.

Which poses the question, what are the Ford Mustang natural rivals? Expect the V8 to be positioned as a cut-price M4 rival while the less powerful 2.3-litre turbo will go up against cars like the Audi A5 and fellow rear-wheel drive sports cars like the Nissan 370Z and Mercedes C-Class coupe.

Where can I buy one?

For the first time in its fifty-year history the sixth-generation Mustang will be officially sold through your local Ford dealer in right-hand drive. That means high performance derivatives like a near 700bhp Shelby GT500 could follow.

Again, Ford isn’t ready to release pricing but has confirmed it will be ‘highly competitive.’ CAR predicts pricing to kick off just under £30,000 for the 2.3-litre turbo. Deliveries are expected to begin in the third quarter of next year, but as the car goes on sale in the US this winter, expect to see some of LHD grey imports to crop up this Christmas driven by diehard Ford fans.