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Mugen to sell tuning parts through UK Honda dealers

Published: 14 June 2010 Updated: 26 January 2015

Remember last year’s hardcore and ludicrously expensive Mugen Civic Type R? Tuned by the European arm of the Japanese motorsport firm, the tricked-up Civic featured hotter cams, a new exhaust revised suspension and a unique body kit – but a £39k price meant only a few were sold.

The good news is that you’ll soon be able to cherry pick some of those parts for your own Civic and even the CR-Z hybrid because Mugen has struck an agreement to distribute tuning parts through eight Honda dealers in the UK.

Forged aluminium wheels, uprated brakes and suspension kits, quick-shift gear levers and body kits are all on the menu for the Civic, while CR-Z buyers can add a sports exhaust and replacement high-flow air filter assembly too. Of course you can already buy bolt-on goodies elsewhere but the advantage of the Mugen stuff is that it won’t invalidate your Honda’s warranty

By Chris Chilton

Contributing editor, ace driver, wit supplier, mischief maker