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Infiniti showrooms to open in UK this autumn

Published: 10 June 2009 Updated: 26 January 2015

Infiniti will finally make it to UK shores in September 2009. The luxury division of Nissan is building its first dealership on the UK’s equivalent of Silicone Valley along the M4 corridor – on the outskirts of Reading.

Britain’s first three Infiniti centres will be in Reading, west and north London. Over time more centres will be dotted around Britain’s metropolitan areas, with an eventual network of 12 dealerships.

Each will offer a VIP service that will collect and drop off customer cars for servicing up to 150 miles from the Infiniti centre. The recently opened Geneva Infiniti centre pictured gives a flavour of the boutiquey ambience you can expect in the brand’s new dealerships.

Infiniti’s full range will be available from launch. So, you’ll be able to choose from the G37 coupe and G37 saloon, plus a pair of sporty SUVs, the EX37 and FX. Infiniti today announced prices for its three-model FX range, the entry-level 316bhp FX37 GT starting at £42,600.

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