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Jaguar launches servicing pack on XE for £95 a year

Published: 02 March 2015 Updated: 02 March 2015

► New servicing packages for Jag XE
► Pay up front for five years’ care
► Prices from £475

We all know how important the new XE is to Jaguar. So it should come as no surprise that the company is pumping lots of investment into the marketing of this car. 

Today Jag announced a new five-year servicing deal letting owners budget for routine maintenance in advance – letting owners pay up front for five years of care at main franchised dealers for £475. That’s £95 a year.

Jaguar Service Plans: how they work

All diesel XE models are covered by the new servicing deal, which can be tailored to each driver’s requirements. It is not bundled into the price, and owners have to stump up in advance at the time of purchase.

The cheapest option covers routine service and maintenance for five years/50,000 miles for £475. 

Company car drivers and anyone doing mega-mileages can extend the mileage limit to up to 75,000 miles for £659 all-in.

‘That’s more miles than any service plan offered by rival premium brands,’ boasts Jaguar. It’s a sign that the Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR) costs are fundamental to the decisions made by many fleet managers up and down the country.

Servicing intervals on the XE stand at two years/21,000 miles.

What’s not included in the maintenance deal?

You’ll still have to fuel and insure your XE, and wearables such as tyres are excluded from the deal, as is the industry norm. Strangely, it only applies to diesel XEs for now; a petrol maintenance bundle is in development.

The Jaguar service package includes up to £750 of MOT protection in years four and five, and the deal is transferrable to subsequent owners should you sell the car and dive back into your old 3-series.

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