An all-American tale: 75 years of Jeep, CAR+ May 2016 | CAR Magazine

An all-American tale: 75 years of Jeep, CAR+ May 2016

Published: 01 April 2016 Updated: 20 April 2016

► Celebrating the 75th birthday of Jeep
► A timeline of Jeep’s rich history
► Topped off by concept-craze 2016 

1940: Willys Quad

War – what is it good for? Well, Willys-Overland Co. for starters, who won the contract to build the US Army a new breed of all-terrain runabout.

1941: Willys MB

Where the Jeep name came from is a mystery; most likely it was military jargon derivation of ‘GP’, for ‘general purpose’.

1945: Willys Jeep CJ-2A

Peacetime and civvie street beckons. CJ stands for just that: ‘Civilian Jeep’. Designed for farming, so fewer guns.

1946: Willys Wagon

Jeep branches out from its military roots for the first time with wood cladding

1953: Willys-Overland merges with Kaiser-Frazer – at the time the largest merging of two automotive firms.

1970: American Motors Corporation – AMC – takes ownership (until 1987).

1975: Cherokee

The Cherokee name makes its first appearance, initially on a two-door ‘sports’ development of the long-running Wagoneer.

Wrangler replaces the CJ series

1986: Wrangler

The CJ series finally dies; the Wrangler is its replacement, inheriting its ‘great off-road, rubbish on it‘ DNA. The series is still going  strong today.

1987: Chrysler becomes Jeep’s new owner.

1987: In a masterstroke of product placement, a pink Jeep Renegade becomes Barbie’s sports utility vehicle of choice for the next two and a bit decades.

1990: Freedom concept 

Ahead-of-the curve design for a luxury two-door ragtop SUV, with power-folding roof and picnic basket rollover bar.

1992: Grand Cherokee

Chrysler pushes Jeep into the posh 4×4 ring with the likes of Range Rover. Grand Cherokee the most upmarket Jeep yet.

2014 : Another change at the top: Chrysler is now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Time heals: 75 years ago Jeeps fought the Italians; now they're in cahoots

2014: Renegade 

The platform-sharing Fiat 500X’s more macho alter-ego takes the Jeep brand into a whole new, potentially lucrative market.

2016: Happy birthday to us!

Why celebrate with one wild concept car when you can punt out an army of them?


A mutated Wrangler, stretched by 12in to accommodate the Dodge Hellcat’s 707bhp V8. Rally raid suspension and 40in boots.

Crew Chief 715 - a salute to Jeep's military history

Crew Chief 715

A steely eyed salute to Jeep’s military history, inspired by the ’60s Kaiser M715. ‘Tactical green’ paint, aircraft control switches and Ride of the Valkyries looped on the stereo. Possibly.


A stomach-stapled Wrangler with 26 inches cut from its length, 35in tyres and low-back leather buckets for that ’50s beach buggy vibe. Like Barbie’s ride made macho.


Retro done right. Original battle-scarred body from a 1960 Jeep Forward Control with 2005 Wrangler running gear beneath. Analogue compass, CB radio and vinyl seats. 


A super-stretched Renegade-based pickup with a 2in lift kit, 5ft loadbed, low-range transmission and possibly the greatest paint name ever: ‘Beige Against the Machine‘.

Comanche sporting the 'Beige Against the Machine' paint. Yes, that is the real paint name

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By James Taylor

Former features editor for CAR, occasional racer