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Lotus Evora 400: six seconds faster around Hethel than last Evora

Published: 30 April 2015

► Lotus issues laptimes at Hethel
► New Evora 400 is 6sec faster
► Uprated model arrives August 2015

Lotus is keen to explain how much faster the new-and-improved Evora 400 is – it’s issuing laptimes suggesting it’s six seconds faster around its own Hethel test track than its predecessor.

The outgoing supercharged Evora S was hardly a slouch, but the new 400-horsepower coupe can demolish the Norfolk track in a little over a minute and a half, the company claims.

Lotus quoting Hethel laptimes: do they think it’s the new Nordschleife or something?

Long-time Lotus test driver and technical manager for Lotus Motorsport, Gavan Kershaw, drove a standard roadgoing Evora 400 in the validation runs at Hethel this week. It ran on standard tyres and suspension.

‘Our initial pre-production tests provided immense confidence and a six seconds laptime advantage at Hethel,’ said Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales. ‘The previous best time achieved in the Evora S model was 1 minute 38 seconds; the new laptime set by Gavan is 1 minute 32 seconds.’

What’s new on the Evora 400?

Lotus says two-thirds of the components are new or improved – there’s a fresh wardrobe, an extra 55bhp of power and 22kg less weight. Handling is said to be improved (there’s a limited-slip diff now) and Lotus argues that its 186mph top speed and 4.1sec 0-60mph time make it qualify as a full-blown supercar.

European sales start in August 2015, while the Evora 400 hops across the Atlantic to the US this autumn, with Chinese sales slated for early 2016. Prices have not yet been announced.

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By Tim Pollard

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