Brabus to revive Pullman name with extra-long S-class

Published: 07 July 2014

Aftermarket tuning company Brabus is reportedly in charge of building a new extra-long S-class named the ‘Pullman’ for Mercedes Benz.

At nearly six and a half metres long, the ultra-luxurious Pullman will be even larger than the long-wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s a bit of a beast, then.

In April 2014, a brand new camouflaged S-Class Pullman was seen outside the Brabus factory and German website Automobilwoche has reported the company will be in charge of the build.

Mercedes S-class Pullman: car to the stars?

The new sedan is named after the original 600 Pullman, first produced in the 1960s, and used as a limousine by celebrities and royalty alike.

Among the fans of the old car were Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor and two out of the four Beatles.

Bottrop-based Brabus, which has been tasked with the creation of the new model, has long been associated with Mercedes.

The company is famous for souping-up Daimler cars and has a portfolio stretching from racy Smart cars, to six-wheeled G63 off-roaders, and an SL with nearly 850 horsepower. It even has two classic 600 Pullman models advertised for sale on its website.

Armour plating optional on new 2015 Pullman

Unique Pullman features in the new car will include a set of fold-away, rear-facing seats, an optional partition from the chauffer, and armour-plating.

The Pullman will also benefit from comprehensive high-tech equipment including Magic Light Control (dynamic LED lighting), Magic Sky Control (variable-tint glass moonroof), and Magic Body Control (camera-based pre-sense damping).

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By Adam Binnie

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