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Range boost planned for Nissan Leaf

Published: 07 July 2015 Updated: 07 July 2015

 Nissan Leaf could get battery upgrade in August
► May replace 24kWh battery pack with 30kWh

► Future developments could achieve 310-mile range

After Nissan announced 10,000 new vehicle registrations in the UK for the Leaf in the first half of 2015, making it the UK’s best-selling pure electric car, reports suggest a battery upgrade is being readied for August which could greatly increase its range.

Automotive News Europe reports that Nissan plans to update the model’s battery pack before the year’s end, with a source close to the project suggesting the Leaf is in line for an energy boost as early as August 2015.

According to the source, the update will see Nissan adopt a similar-sized but more powerful 30kWh battery pack, replacing the 24kWh unit previously used since its introduction in 2010.

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How far will this increase the range?

As Nissan has yet to confirm these reports, no official figures exist. However, a prototype Nissan Leaf with a revised electric drivetrain was unveiled to shareholders at a meeting in June 2015. ANE reports Nissan’s ultimate aim is a 310-mile range or greater on one charge cycle – a figure competitive with certain internal combustion-engined cars. A step closer to being able to use your electric vehicle without constantly worrying where the closest charging point is.

Although at present there’s no projected timeframe for when the Leaf’s fully revised electric drivetrain will arrive, the interim battery upgrade could be the boost needed to claim range anxiety-stricken customers yet to be convinced by EV ownership.

By Matt Bell

Former digital intern at CAR