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UK-built Nissan Qashqais accused of emissions cheating in South Korea

Published: 17 May 2016

► Nissan accused of cheating emissions tests
► Claims emerge from South Korea
► UK-built Qashqais under spotlight

Nissan has denied accusations in South Korea that its Qashqai has cheated emissions tests in the region.

The Korean Ministry of Environment (MOE) has fined Nissan 330 million won (£195,000) after it found evidence of a ‘defeat device’ – software similar to that used by Volkswagen to cheat emissions testing.

It alleges that the Nissan Qashqais concerned switched off the emissions after-treatment cycle at temperatures of 35C, considerably lower than the industry norm of 50C. This is a regular occurence in diesel engines to prevent damage.

Nissan responds

Jonathan Adashek, chief communications officer at Nissan, said that 814 Nissan Qashqais sold in Korea have been correctly homologated as required by the MOE. ‘Any suggestion that we have not complied with regulations and are illegally controlling gas emissions is wrong.

‘The testing and conclusions reached by the MOE are inconsistent with those of other regulators who have themselves carried out stringent testing. Authorities in the EU have concluded that the Nissan vehicles they tested – including the Qashqai – were fully compliant with homologation standards.’

Nissan insists that the Qashqai sold in Korea complies with Europe’s Euro 6 standards, meaning it is fit to be sold in Korea.  

‘Nissan is disappointed by the statements of the MOE and firmly denies that any wrongdoing has taken place,’ Adashek added.

The emissions scandal widens

It seems the fallout from VW’s Dieselgate scandal continues to spread. Earlier this month Mitsubishi was embroiled in scandal after it emerged it had been systematically cheating fuel economy tests on Japanese market cars.

Ironically, it was Nissan who stepped in to help, acquiring a 34% stake in Mitsubishi

The Nissan Qashqais affected in South Korea were built in Sunderland UK

By Tim Pollard

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